Liverpool V West Ham - Time For Those Football Stats

So today is destination West Ham folks, the trip down South to Upton Park. Usually a fine place for success but lets just have a look back at some of the previous clashes with the Hammers in years gone by.

  • Last time out was May 2009 with the reds scoring 3 goals, 2 of which came from Steven Gerrard. West Ham unable to get on the score sheet this time around.

  • January 2008 was not such a good result, losing 1-0 to West Ham on the day albeit to an injury time penalty.

  • In 2007 the scoreline at Upton park read 2-1, Peter Crouch securing the win that time.

  • April 2006 was much of the same with the lads again beating West Ham 2-1.

  • And in February 2003 Liverpool again winning 3-0 at Upton Park, with a certain Norwegian setting up two fantastic goals.

Not a bad run when you look at it, the Red's achieving those goals and those crucial points on the majority of occasions. Now we know how we've fared it's time for some of those little facts you may have forgot, or just didn't know:

  • Liverpool go into this game on a run of scoring in sixteen successive matches within the Premier League, this is actually the best run in the league too.
  • West Ham have only beaten Liverpool 5 times all of which have been at Upton Park in the last 28 meetings between the clubs.
  • West Ham have only won 3 of the last 11 games they have played.
  • If Liverpool manage to keep a clean sheet it will be the first time since 2008 that the Hammers have played 3 consecutive games without scoring.
  • Steven Gerrard has scored both his goals this season away from home.
  • And finally ... Fernando Torres has scored as many goals this season as he has gained black eyes (3).

So there we have it, the collection of information everybody loves to read before watching a match, even though the majority of times whoever is collecting the stats obviously runs out of valid information at certain points during collection. Fernando Torres has had as many black eyes as he has goals? What kind of stat collector collects that? Just added some light hearted humour i suppose although if our Torres gets anymore black eyes, I'm going to be concerned, a striker lacking eyesight is probably not the best thing for a team striving for the title.

Right, enough of my gibberish, KO 17:30, live on ESPN, unfortunately i am not subscribed to ESPN so for my match report later i either need to find delayed coverage or it will be based on radio and MOTD. Nevertheless there will be a match report so please feel free to stop by later this evening or tomorrow and leave your thoughts.

My prediction: 2-0.