Is This The Turning Point Of Our Season Already?

Liverpool welcome Manchester United to Anfield on Sunday and after a bad run of results the home side are hard under fire from the media, pundits and even fans. Not only are we struggling with injuries but after failing to succeed against the likes of Sunderland and not managing to hold on to a point against Lyon the chance of coming away from this fixture victorious are looking nothing but slim.

So what stats have i digged up this week?

  • In the last 14 matches between the two clubs Liverpool have won three, there has been only one draw and United have won of 10 occasions.
  • There has been a total of 31 goals scored within these 14 matches an average of just over 2 goals per game.
  • 6 players have been sent off in the head to heads since 2002.
  • Liverpool's worst defeat was a 4-0 loss in 2003 at Old Trafford.
  • Liverpool's best victory was the Gerrard kisses the camera moment from last season after we beat the home side 4-1.
  • Liverpool have conceded on 12 occasions out of the 14 matches.

One that stood out for me was;

  • Sunday will be the 200th league game in charge of Liverpool for Rafa Benitez. He has 113 wins so far. Only Kenny Dalglish (120) of all Liverpool managers won more in that period though Bob Paisley also won 113. For the record Alex Ferguson won 87 of his first 200 at United.

Liverpool have several doubts for this fixture namely Gerrard, Torres & Riera who are all still uncertainty's. United also have some problems with Rooney and Fletcher doubts also, Ferguson was quoted saying;

"On the injury front I can't give a clear picture, there are still some doubts about Rooney and Fletcher,"

So with injury affecting both teams not much can be decided from just looking at the line ups, obviously if Liverpool are left without both Gerrard and Torres we could be in big trouble but Manchester United without Wayne Rooney is always going to have an effect. So how about if we look at form?

Liverpool - WWLLLL

Manchester United - WWWDWW

This doesn't portray a very good outlook for the lads but the fact of the matter is does form even come into it in a game as big as this? This is a game that could (in some people's eyes) change the season. It is always a massive fixture but even more so this time out. I personally feel that Liverpool's run is not going to matter for this game, this fixture is not based on form but passion, ego and strive to go out and win.

So after a week of "crisis" talk surrounding the club and manager it will be very interesting to see who jumps back on board if Liverpool manage to collect 3 points this Sunday. If you are of a differing opinion at the moment or feel as though your losing faith and you want a seriously good read take some time out to read this article by Tomkins, after all the nonsense about a club crisis, scores of fans jumping on the managers back and people already writing us off THIS is the perfect dose of medicine that may calm people and their negativity down.Don't get me wrong, opinions are excellent in football it's what makes the banter good but just read it and make your own views, i hope it at least makes people think twice.

I'm afraid i am going to have to wuss out as it were when it comes to predicting the line up and score this week mainly because with the injury situation i would find it hard to select an 11 without more information. As for the score i simply do not know, this could be a humiliation, it could be an epic draw or it could be a memorable victory.

Fingers crossed folks, I'm such a mix of excited and nervous for this fixture, i just truly hope it will be one to remember. Enjoy the game and be sure to have a chinwag on the forums beforehand or afterwards.