SOS - Let's educate the fans.

Ok folks so if you are anything like me you will be fully aware of the Liverpool FC supporters union; Spirit Of Shankly. The first of it's kind in England, the union aims to bring Liverpool back to what Liverpool FC should be.

Primarily their aim in the current climate is to remove Hicks & Gillet from their Anfield podiums after the turmoil, debt and quite frankly in some terms crisis that they have left the club in.

However a lot of people do not realise the full detail of how they work, what their plans are and what else they have to offer i.e. driving down the costs of travel to and from matches.

So if you would like to find out more about Spirit Of Shankly, learn more about them and possibly even join the cause firstly i recommend you read these two excellent articles on Gareth Robert's Well Red Liverpool FC Blog below;

Then secondly, get yourself over to the official website -

Topics such as this are often a vital aspect that fans who aren't located in Liverpool such as myself often feel left in the dark on. You can't simply gain this information from Sky Sports News or the latest article on the Liverpool FC website, therefore i felt as though it was high time you all got stuck in. Spirit Of Shankly holds its arms open to fans from across the globe all with the same target of reclaiming Liverpool FC.

"You'll Never Walk Alone."

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