It's Been Too Long

So, the day is finally here. The day i have waited for since watching Liverpool intently for the first time on the television at the age of about six. For 14 years, my love of Liverpool Football Club has grown and grown, as i learnt more, i felt more in touch with a club based some 77 miles away from the town i call home.

Being based in Wolverhampton never really poses questions to your club loyalty until of course the local team gets back into the Premier League as of this season.

My family are all Wolverhampton Wanderer's fans aside from a cousin who supports West Brom and a cousin and Uncle who are Liverpool fans. My partner is also an avid Wolves supporter which makes Tuesday night even tastier.

My brother, who was a Liverpool fan, and was the reason i started supporting the Reds in the first place is now an avid Wolves supporter, so much so that on Tuesday night he will be in the home end. Despite what he makes out though, i know that deep down his love for Liverpool is still there.

For me on Tuesday night, one way or another i will be witnessing Liverpool play their football for the first time - ever.

Past attempts in gaining tickets have failed, and now with my current job fixture clashes and a general lack of money have constantly prevented me from getting to a match.

But as you all know by now, my job has it's perks, once i have taken all my bets upstairs and cashed up i am free to try and get a seat in the away end, i just hope to god there is one left, just one.

Failing this i will either stand to the sides of the away section or be forced to keep quiet in a stand full of Wolves supporters! As much as i don't want this i will take any seat or angle for me to see the lads play.

I can't begin to describe how excited i am, the best i can do is probably ask you to think about your own first time watching the lads play, your first match at Anfield, and although you were probably all very young, i can guarantee you, that is the measure of adrenaline that i am feeling now.

Gerrard, Torres, Benayoun and Johnson are unfortunately four big players that i will probably not see, although Gerrard is rumoured to have been back in training and was aiming for a Wolves return, even if he is named on the bench i doubt he will make the start.

With NEZ and Kelly still out too and a doubt hanging over Daniel Agger, i shall have to look forward to the other lads playing.

For my own entertainment and selfish point of view, the players i hope he starts would be Reina, Carragher, Aquilani, N'Gog, Riera and Kyrgiakos. Chances are that list will probably start.

As for the opposition well they are without Kightly, Maierhofer, Keogh and Dave Edwards. Most other options should be available though.

Again, the only worries for me really are the likes of Matthew Jarvis and Kevin Doyle. To a Liverpool side the others should not really pose much of a threat.

New signing Geoffrey Mujangi Bia, played his first match against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup on the weekend so could possibly be someone to keep an eye on. Pronounced "Joffrey" by the way... apparently.

Another one to keep an eye on is Ebanks-Blake, no longer as a threat but more so really as a measure of our own performance, if he is causing problems for the defence, then trust me, the defence is not playing up to scratch.

If he scores? The defence may as well resign.

Hahnemann will probably be the choice of goalkeeper for Mick McCarthy and from my reckoning he's a pretty good keeper, will be tough to beat without the likes of Fernando Torres.

So with everything put into one pot, my prediction is going to be a 2-0 Liverpool win. Last time out i said Liverpool 2-1 because i thought that Wolves would trouble our shaky defence at the time, now however, even though Wolves did play pretty well for the first half against us at Anfield, our defence is back on track and i just don't think they will manage to get one in the net.

Enjoy the match folks, i hope we can continue to improve after that great win over Tottenham Hotspur, 3 points here would do the world of good and i want my first match to be a winner!