Play Off For Last Champion's League Spot: Why I Disagree

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Champion's what? ... League?

As I'm sure you have all heard/read about by now the latest idea from the fat cats of the Premier League, still not content with how the best footballing league in the world is being run they have come up with this proposal:

A play off for the fourth and final remaining spot for Champion's League qualification, involving whatever teams happen to be placed from 4th to 7th position.

In case you haven't already guessed by the tone of my typing, i am against the whole idea. Most people therefore assume that as a Liverpool fan you must be against it because you are worried? Wrong.

I'd take Man City, Birmingham, Spurs, Villa, Everton, Blackburn, Fulham... anyone in a play off and I'd always have utmost confidence in Liverpool but the point is in my book, finishing 4th and striving throughout the season to get into that spot and then having to involve yourself in more games just to prove that you in fact are worthy of that last Champion's League spot, not Martin O'Neill's Aston Villa that constantly throw 4th spot away, where's the sense in that?

Why should teams like Spurs who have more money than us so apparently should be better poised for 4th spot, mega bucks Man City and Aston Villa who in some senses have a better squad than us be given the chance to get into the Champion's League just because they have fallen at the forefront and failed to get into 4th spot and work for it that way.

As many people have also highlighted, teams like Fulham, Stoke and Blackburn etc could be fighting for this spot.

Some have argued that the likes of those teams are already better than half of the teams from the willy nilly leagues of Europe, but i have to again disagree, if this is so then why are our supposedly "decent" teams always so poor in the UEFA Cup? If they can't even hack that the majority of the time then god only knows how they will fair in the ultimate competition in Europe.

Teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan & AC will wipe the floor with these teams and i really do not see why this should be allowed to happen.

If the likes of Tottenham, City or Villa etc did manage to take 4th spot then at least you have the backing that you have played an excellent season and pipped say Liverpool or Arsenal (established CL sides) to the post so you have the right and judging by that years performance the game to go and and give it a run for it's money.

So why risk throwing a team like Birmingham in when as a country England are dominating the Champion's League? Why allow our league to be laughed at? The cream of the best crop should play in the best competition for European silverware and in my eyes that's final.

Look at Everton, in 2005 the year Liverpool had won their 5th European Cup, the bluenoses managed to beat us in the race to 4th. So what did they do?

Got knocked out in the qualifying stages by defeat to Villarreal and then dropped into the UEFA Cup where they were also knocked out by Romanian side Dinamo Bucharest.

The teams that are placed in 5th, 6th and 7th are generally there because they are not good enough, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to point this out, team's like ourselves, Arsenal, Chelsea and United have constantly came up with the goods and this appears to be an annoyance to many of the neutrals.

But the simple fact is, despite last season Arsenal finding themselves in a downwind, did anybody take the initiative to take 4th? No.

Despite Liverpool still in the midst of a dodgy season, is anybody truly convincing you that they have the stamina to complete the task?

Why should teams like ourselves have the prospect of our place being taken away from us when the teams we could be playing have failed to deliver the goods on their own behalf?

If they aren't good enough to do what is already asked since when was it appropriate for them to be thrown a lifeline?

They'll be adding an extra relegation spot next or even a play off to see if you can stay up.

It just gets right on their wick doesn't it?

"Oooo Arsenal may miss out on the Champion's League spot." , "Liverpool look set to blow it." they just absolutely hate the fact that despite when the cards are down we still fight back.

They want a change, they want money and below par sides want an easy way out.

Well I'm sorry but i just don't agree.

What are your thoughts on this story and how it may affect Liverpool? I realise many people have differing opinions on the matter and it would be really great to hear yours.

Please leave your comments below.