Make Mine A Double

Sports - December 15, 2007
5 minutes added time please Ref... Thank you.

Aside from the Merseyside derby, this is quite easily one of the highlights of a Liverpool fans fixture list. With the bitter rivalry between both ourselves and Manchester United it is always a battle on the pitch, a battle between the managers and a battle between fans.

No side wants to lose, and neither will accept a draw. The bragging rights are what everyone wants, and even more so to a Liverpool side who can rub this victory in the faces of their North West rivals as our slim hopes of silverware are not enough to get on the Mancs wick.

So can Rafa Benitez, the author of "How To Beat Manchester United For Dummies" do the double over them for the second time in his Anfield career?

With Ferguson clearly using an apparent injustice in the Gerrard situation to try to collect some excuses before the game has even begun it is evident that he is fearful of Gerrard, Torres & Co and Rafa's tactics.

With Rooney on great form many are assuming that along with Liverpool's continued unsteady season it will be a rout at Old Trafford for the devils but as each and every Liverpool fan knows... When the pressure is on, the majority of occasions you will witness our best football.

Ferguson is right to be worried, Torres is currently on 4 goals in two games an exact replica of the tally of his front man who is often touted as the best striker in the Premier League. He knows Torres is a threat and with this constant reemergence of the effective partnership with skipper Steven Gerrard he can expect trouble for his side tomorrow afternoon.

Another point of of interest for many a Liverpool fan is the ability of the supposedly "world-class" Nemanja Vidic.

After being sent off in two games already against Liverpool and his clear fear of Fernando Torres, it shall be interesting to see how he fairs this time out.

Torres' pace is a hazard to any defence but when you have a defender who has practically admitted to being scared of our number 9, well it can't do much for the morale and confidence of your back four.

Along with the solidarity of our defence and the passionate Pepe Reina we are fully capable of embarrassing the Mancs as we did in the 4-1 victory last season.

Liverpool are still without the option of Martin Skrtel & Fabio Aurelio. Aquilani will be subject to a late decision after he tries to recover from a virus.

I get the feeling that Benitez will start with a close knit midfield/defence tomorrow, i.e. Masch & Lucas both being instructed defensively with Gerrard also being made to track back. However i do feel that this is the best option against a team like United.

Providing we can use this set up and also manage to get a first goal then maybe after half time we can change the formation/tactics slightly and push our advantage.

With Torres celebrating his birthday today, what better celebration than to put a few past Van Der Sar and shut Fergie's extra chewing gob?

It should be a very tense and exciting match, lets hope we can come away with the 3 points.