Heysel: 29/05/1985

The Kop creates a mosaic spelling "friendship" in Italian...

On a day that should never be forgotten by Liverpool supporters, it is of utmost importance that we pay our respects to the 39 football fans that lost their lives and give our thoughts to the 600+ that were injured at that fateful final in 1985.

When Liverpool fans had objected to the choice of stadium for the European Cup final beforehand, due to several reasons, two of which were big concerns, firstly the stadium visibly appeared to be crumbling in sections and this raised questions on the safety of the structure, not only this but fans were worried that there had been a neutral section allocated, supposed to be for Belgian football fans (final was held in Brussels) but it didn't take a brain surgeon to realise that both Juventus fans and Liverpool fans would be able to buy tickets for the neutral area from touts meaning that the area would be mixed.

As tempers frayed and banter turned nasty both sets of fans turned violent, projectiles were thrown and eventually a section of Liverpool fans ran at a fence separating them from the Italians, as the Italians proceeded to turn away and run they were met with a wall blocking their escape, the wall tragically was one of the many parts of the stadium that was not safe, it collapsed on top of the supporters and 39 of them lost their lives.

It was a sad day for Liverpool Football Club and a tragic one for Juventus. Out of the tragedy though has spawned a friendship between the two clubs, and a lesson for those football fans who were involved surely learnt.

Rocco Acerra (29)
Bruno Balli (50)
Alfons Bos
Giancarlo Bruschera (21)
Andrea Casula (11)
Giovanni Casula (44)
Nino Cerullo (24)
Willy Chielens
Giuseppina Conto (17)
Dirk Daenecky
Dionisio Fabbro (51)
Jacques François
Eugenio Gagliano (35)
Francesco Galli (25)
Giancarlo Gonnelli (20)
Alberto Guarini (21)
Giovacchino Landini (50)
Roberto Lorentini (31)
Barbara Lusci (58)
Franco Martelli (22)
Loris Messore (28)
Gianni Mastroiaco (20)
Sergio Bastino Mazzino (38)
Luciano Rocco Papaluca (38)
Luigi Pidone (31)
Benito Pistolato (50)
Patrick Radcliffe
Domenico Ragazzi (44)
Antonio Ragnanese (49)
Claude Robert
Mario Ronchi (43)
Domenico Russo (28)
Tarcisio Salvi (49)
Gianfranco Sarto (47)
Amedeo Giuseppe Spolaore (55)
Mario Spanu (41)
Tarcisio Venturin (23)
Jean Michel Walla
Claudio Zavaroni (28)


Liverpool unveil a plaque to remember the 39 victims ahead of Saturday's 25th anniversary of the disaster.

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