Roy Takes The Anfield Hot Seat

Best of luck Roy YNWA...

Bit slow with keeping up with the latest news it may seem but fear not, i was aware Roy Hodgson was unveiled last week as manager, just couldn't find time to do a post so here it is.

Hodgson has left behind a Fulham side who have believed to have been paid a compensation fee in the region of £2million and stepped into as he called it "The biggest job in club football..."

Of course he's right, Liverpool pushing aside the enormous parasite sucking on the club at the moment which is the case of the ownership, is still, and always has been a very lucrative job in club football, and as Roy also highlighted we are still "Britain's most successful football club."

Unfortunately under normal circumstances a new manager would be met with extreme excitement and the fans would be filled with hope. However, this time out through no fault of the manager, the fan base simply cannot get excited, firstly because they know the harsh reality that until the owners are ousted, whoever is in charge will not be able to run things properly, but also for some fans it is because Hodgson is simply not the big name that they wished for.

Of course, most fans were intelligent enough to realise that we were never going to be able to attract let alone afford a big name but some, the majority of which who wanted Benitez out half expected to see Mourinho walking through the Shankly gates... Dreamland.

So Hodgson it is, Liverpool will be the 16th club he has managed so there are no arguments against his experience.

He started his managerial career in Sweden with Halmstad and took them to the title twice. He also took Malmo FF another Swedish side to the title and seemed to create a liking towards the Scandinavian football scene ever since.

He also had two periods at Inter Milan, in one of which he managed to take them to the UEFA Cup final. After losing however the Italians had little patience with Roy and were vociferous with their anger.

He had a successful time at Copenhagen where he took them to the title and also the super cup.

His next real and perhaps now most respected successful managerial period was with Fulham. As Liverpool saw last year Roy managed to take the London side all the way through to the Europa League final, something the boys from Merseyside narrowly missed out on themselves. He has also taken Fulham to their best ever finish within the Premier League and at the end of last season picked up the award for the LMA Manager Of The Year .

Hodgson as a manager has also had his bad times, notably one of which was his short time at Blackburn Rovers, he spent a lot of money when it is put into finance perspectives of the 1990's and was sacked after his second season when Blackburn were at the bottom of the table in December.

Roy may not be what i simply refer to as "being Liverpool" but i have full confidence in his capabilities, he's no nonsense, traditional and should be okay in the transfer market, with no mega bucks to spend anyway this does not worry me too much.

I feel he offers quite a different feel and managerial style to Benitez which at this stage i am thinking, if we are going to have a change lets go the whole hog.

The main thing that does worry me is his ability to keep hold of players like Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, people have been throwing the likes of Javier Mascherano into that mix but to be perfectly honest i think that one is already a goner, Mascherano is a superb player, arguably the best in the world at what he does but he's a player that doesn't always have to fit into your plans as a manager, whereas i feel as a manager with Gerrard and Torres in his hand, you can't afford to not play them.

I don't expect Roy to create a miracle, and nor should anyone else, a realistic aim of steadying the ship which is a phrase being spurted by many a Liverpool fan at the moment would be fine. I think the highest we can hope for is a 4th place finish and even this seems a major task for the new manager.

The only real downside to Roy as pointed out in a brilliant article by Dion Fanning recently with which i totally agree is that he won't speak out. He is the perfect man for the job from the boards perspective because unlike Benitez he will just get on with it, Rafa knew that he could afford to tell the truth and have a public fight against the way the club was being run because he knew the fans were behind him and he knew that he would still have a job offer waiting at the door should the board eventually have had enough and pull the plug, which they did.

Roy however will just go along quietly, he will answer the media's questions with exactly what they want to hear and won't dare question who is in control of his transfer budget or why he hasn't been able to spend the profits from a player sale. In Roy's eyes this is the opportunity of a lifetime and in order to keep within a job he has probably been dreaming of and in fairness deserves, he will just keep to the rules.

That's okay though because the fans will not let the board or the owners sit back, relax and buy some more time, Roy, as long as he tries his utmost and keeps a good bond with the fan base will be fine, i hope you all join me in wishing him the best of luck.

Roy Hodgson - Welcome to Anfield.