Spirit Of Shankly Independence Day Success


The 4th of July is a massive holiday across the pond but yesterday was not a day to celebrate the Independence Day with fireworks and over the top celebrations, no, it was a day to celebrate the independence wanted from the two Americans who are in control of our beloved football club.

With guests on the list such as Karen Gill (Bill Shankly's Granddaughter), John Aldridge, John Bishop and Peter Hooton, it was a fantastic event put on by the supporters union.

Opportunities to listen to influential speeches and the chance to learn and stand and fight against the owners made the day universal, it didn't matter whether you were already a member of Spirit Of Shankly, the rally was set to help educate the unaware and hopefully encourage more people to become members and help save Liverpool FC.

With some of the stars on the guest list also joining the union and the rally having clips on Sky Sports News along with many news articles, it is sure to have spun up some good publicity.

Gutted that i was unable to attend the event but would like to say a massive congratulations to Spirit Of Shankly.

Hopefully Mr Hicks & Mr Gillett have been made aware of the rally, whether it will have any affect at all on the stubborn pair who knows but as SOS have proved sitting back and doing nothing results with the same outcome - nothing. When you unite together and get your voices heard, anything can happen.

You can join Spirit Of Shankly here.