This Is Anfield

So i know a few of my readers haven't been lucky enough to visit Anfield as of yet but i went again yesterday for the museum and tour. Thought it would be a nice idea to put up some of the snaps so people could have a look. Couldn't put them all up and apologies for some of the varying qualities and the picture sizes!

If you do have any questions to do with the photos or Anfield, i'd be happy to try to answer them, just drop us a tweet - @LFCKirstyLFC or send us an email -


Above: The Paisley Gates which are situated in front of the Kop End, 9 times out of 10 it's the first thing you notice when you get off the bus at Anfield.

Above: The famous statue of the man who changed everything at Liverpool "Bill Shankly" in his renowned pose he is situated in front of the Kop End outside the club store.

Above: This was a mural in one of the lounges, i took a photo because the tour guide for this section told us that the gap in the top right hand corner is where they are going to put Rafa.

Above: This was the view from my seat in the directors box. The chairs were super comfortable as to be expected.

Above: View of the Kop End from the directors box, i'm sure some people sitting here would rather be in with the Kop Faithful singing at the top of their voices.

Above: This is the press room, it was a lot smaller than i was expecting it to be to be fair. The main fact about this room though of course is that the press room used to be "The Boot Room". The tradition led by Shankly and Paisley was very important to them. They were said to be very superstituous and one thing the tour told me that i didn't already know was that Shankly and Paisley always insisted if anything ever happened to the boot room that Liverpool's football would suffer and i believe the boot room was changed in 1990 coincidence we haven't won a title since? I'll leave that one with you...

Above: Didn't want to put too many snaps of the dressing room up so put up the picture of Torres' shirt and where he sits. Liverpool's dressing room is very basic and pretty much unchanged since the Shankly days. Of course it is still better than the away dressing room though, with none slip floors etc haha.

Above: If you don't know what the above is then you can't be a Liverpool fan. The iconic "This Is Anfield" sign placed above the tunnel was the brainchild of Bill Shankly, it's aim to strike fear into the opposition, i have no doubt that even today the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal still line up and get shivers down their spine.

Above: View of Kop End from sitting in third row and looking back.

Above: View of Anfield from bottom left corner of Kop.

Above: First Division trophy which we have 18 of.

Above: 2 out of 5 European Cups.

Above: 2 more European Cups.

Above: The 5th from "one night in Istanbul".

Above: One of the match balls from the 2005 CL Final.

Above: UEFA Cup which we have 3 of.

Above: FA Cup which we have 7 of.

Above: Ian Rush - My favourite legend. And below the signature i got from him nearly 2 years ago, matches the posters one almost to a tee! He must have a generic autograph lol.

Above: New restaurant opened in the Kop End - The Boot Room.

Above: Pepe Reina's footprints and hand prints.

Above: The famous "Kop".

Above: Plaque on the gates by the Main Stand.

Above: The Hillsborough Memorial. Justice For The 96.