Torres Shows Chelsea How It's Done

Fernando Torres Celebrates Scoring 2nd goal with team mate Raul Meireles Liverpool 2010/11 Liverpool V Chelsea (2-0) 07/11/10 The Premier League Photo: Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom
Torres celebrates emphatically after netting his wonder of a second goal...

Lets be perfectly honest folks, not one of us thought we'd be able to get something from yesterdays clash with Chelsea, the odd few perhaps fancied our chances of a draw but most of us, such as myself were fearing the worst.

Chelsea even without the likes of Lampard and Essien were still going to be super tough to beat, the added bonus of Drogba starting on the bench only relieved a little pressure and with Liverpool having their own last minute injury worries after Kyrgiakos woke up with tonsillitis well it was a worrying few hours before kick off.

Before i continue i must first get out the old "fair play" phrase and direct it at Roy Hodgson. I'm still not fully convinced he's right but you've got to hand it to him for yesterday, yes the side too deserves credit as everyone gave 100% if not more but full praise to Hodgson who with a sudden lack of the big Greek was brave enough to start Martin Kelly and also took the risk in starting a possibly still unfit Dirk Kuyt. Both decisions more than paid off so fair play Roy old chap!

It didn't take long at all for Liverpool to get onto the score sheet and after a confident first ten minutes or so, Liverpool after being calm enough to allow Chelsea to play the ball around the field and keep possession managed to take a chance and punish.

An absolutely superb ball over the head of John Terry from Kuyt found its way sweet as a nut to Fernando Torres. With a neat little first touch his composure saw him sweep the ball past Petr Cech and send Liverpool ahead.

Just ten minutes in and we were already holding a lead over Chelsea. It wasn't even a fluke, it was clearly a great goal and made through patience and waiting for the correct opportunity to arise.

Throughout the 90minutes it was evident Chelsea had a lot of the possession but this didn't seem to phase Liverpool at all.

As the first half went on Liverpool's confidence grew. Solid performances in midfield particularly from the likes of Lucas meant that Steven Gerrard was freed up more and supply through to the wings and directly to Torres was high. Supremely underrated is our Lucas and it's always refreshing when the pundits suddenly notice his abilities.

Dirk Kuyt too was clearly stamping his mark on the game, for a man who was supposed to be out of action for a lot longer he certainly made and immediate impact in his first game back.

Chelsea barely even had a chance to shout for aside from an attempt from the cautioned Zhirkov. For the price tag on his head he ain't all that is he?

The defence were handling any organised pressure around the box well and Ancelotti's side appeared to find it difficult to breakdown the linking up of Carragher and Skrtel. Konchesky was also doing his best to get down the flank and Martin Kelly on the opposite side had a fantastic game.

So it was 2 minutes before the half time whistle when Liverpool decided to add to their tally. Who else but Fernando Torres?

Raul Meireles after stealing possession made a wide pass out to the Spaniard. Lucas awaiting and asking for the ball in the box never crossed Nando's mind but it didn't matter because what followed was sheer class.

A little cut inside and the number 9 lifts his attempt over the head of John Terry and way past Cech before he even has chance to think about it. Absolutely fantastic goal.

It's quite hilarious that people thought Torres was "out of form" or on a route downhill. The fact that it's two of Nando's last goals that have got us wins should be some sort of indicator and anyone who truly knows Torres should know that in or out of form you can never predict what his next move will be.

Those two goals were nothing less than a stroke of genius and a big fat reality check to anyone thinking Torres was looking less dangerous of late. I just feel sorry for our next few oppositions! Haha.

The second half was nowhere near as eventful for Liverpool. Chelsea had to pull out their trump card and bring on Didier Drogba but not even he could change the game for Chelsea.

A superb reaction save from Reina and a scary moment when a deflection off the cross bar came out towards Drogba were the most nervy moments for Liverpool but Jamie Carragher made sure he was a saviour and not a joint top own goalscorer when he helped direct the ball into the safety of Reina's hands.

Liverpool lasted the 90minutes and not only beat Chelsea in style but kept a clean sheet and almost made the current Champions look like a poor side. Ancelotti looked like he'd ran out of options whilst Roy finally got a chance to look more relaxed.

The combined effort from all the lads on the pitch has to be praised and Liverpool must be pleased with that brilliant display.

Victory tastes even sweeter when nobody expects you to do it.

This massive win takes us up to 9th in the table, somewhere i didn't think we'd be seeing soon. With Wigan away up next and then Stoke this is a real chance to start a turn around.