Blackburn? Ronaldinho?! What? He Best Not Fly In Tomorrow.

If the poultry farmers pull this off then fair play!...

Liverpool travel to Blackburn tomorrow who after the shock sacking of Sam Allardyce have been left with Steve Kean in the meantime. Blackburn are currently in 12th place on 25 points after 21 games whereas Liverpool are in 9th place with the same points and two games in hand.

Blackburn were always described as a tough physical side but perhaps that was due to the influence from Sam Allardyce, although Steve Kean appears to have followed in Big Sam's footsteps, Blackburn just seem more like the team they should be when you rip away the manager. Blackburn are one of those sides for me that always seem to be made out that they are tough to beat, that you should be weary when really, if you're playing good football, you shouldn't.

In fact, as wrong as it is to say, all you have to do to beat Blackburn is encourage Diouf into the box with Torres and wait until he gets frustrated with his quick feet then Bob's yer Uncle, penalty.

They aren't a spectacular side, they can just sometimes grind out results. Unfortunately, with the way Liverpool are at the moment, we can't use this as a confidence booster, we're taking each game at a time whether we've just won or just lost, it doesn't matter anymore, it appears there is no such thing as "being on a roll".

Liverpool are without Raul Meireles who picked up an ankle injury early on against Bolton. Also still out are both Carragher and Jay Spearing. Rumours were doing the rounds today that Gerrard and Torres could be rested, i assume that would be with the FA Cup tie at the weekend in mind but i personally think it's perhaps a bit risky to drop both the lads against Blackburn.

Blackburn are without Kalinic who is suspended for two matches and Emerton who is out on international duties. Andrews and Grella are both out with groin injuries, Nzonzi and Roberts both have hamstring problems. Jones is out with a knee injury and also unavailable are Robinson and Hanley.

It's easy to notice that there is an impact at the moment on the regular Blackburn starting eleven due to the extensive list of injuries. Perhaps another positive for Liverpool.

As we know our away days so far this season have not exactly been memorable, here's hoping that we can get a result tomorrow and possibly even begin to look at moving up the table steadily. Then again, i always say this and the day after i end up writing about a terrible Liverpool performance...

Fingers crossed it's different this time out!