Nobody Wants More January Blues!

Never touched him.... *cough*
I say we just start the Greek to see off Fellaini...

Is this the moment when the Liverpool dream becomes unstuck from pause? Tomorrow we welcome Everton to Anfield, after they beat us at Goodison Park earlier in the season, it already adds a new sense of bitterness to the tie. Add to this of course Dalglish once again stepping out on the sidelines, well we know what a win could do here.

This could be the official start of the King's reign. His crown jewels need to perform though ; (no we're not talking trouser department) the players.

As Jamie Carragher talked about himself earlier today on the Soccer Saturday panel (wasn't he looking dashing in his suit and talking football sense instead of dribbling mispronounced players names like bloody Merson! Lmao) we've had three managers now throughout this tough period, it's time the players looked at themselves. I wholeheartedly agree.

Jamie Carragher of course even though he is back in training is still unavailable for the derby, so too is Steven Gerrard who is suspended for his second match. For Everton they are without Barkley who has a broken leg, Jagielka who has a hamstring problem and Cahill who is on international duty.

The Reds are currently sitting in 13th (i'm not superstitious but that number does give me the creeps when it comes to football) whilst Everton are just above us in 12th with a better goal difference.

The last time Everton won at Anfield was in the 99/00 season where they beat us on a slender 1-0. Of course the Toffees successfully turned us over earlier this season after Cahill and Arteta both converted.

This will be the third game into the second Dalglish era now and i hope that after some good performances even after losing that we can improve even more on this and get something out of tomorrows fixture.

Of course without the passionate influence of Carragher and Gerrard the lads need to realise and remember how important this game is. No doubt Kenny from the sidelines will make sure they get their arses into gear i just hope they actually graft and put in a respectable performance!

Now bring it on Moyes!