Snore Draw Ensures A Tastier Tie At Anfield

"I am the God of Hell Fire and i bring you...
FIRE! du du duuu, i'll take you to burn."

Well it was hardly an enthralling battle was it? But nevertheless Liverpool have come away from the Czech Republic with a respectable 0-0 draw. A perfect base for an Anfield victory and progression to the next round.

With the likes Steven Gerrard, Daniel Agger and Luis Suarez unavailable it was a slightly different side put out by manager Kenny Dalglish. However the King still opted for his now favoured, three at the back set up. David Ngog was given the chance as the sole man up front but unfortunately, the top goalscorer struggled to impress.

Solid displays from Carragher and Kyrgiakos meant the defence had pretty much everything covered. It wasn't only the veterans shining though with Danny Wilson putting in a great 90minutes.

For Liverpool, efforts from Glen Johnson and Raul Meireles were early indicators that goals were not going to be a theme for the night. Some positive runs from Kuyt and Ngog were ruined by several offside flags. Johnson for me had one of those games where he was more effective in attack than he was defensively.

He wasn't terrible but considering he was on his favoured side he allowed Sparta's wing man to easily get behind him on several occasions. If this was Arsenal or Man United, we'd have been done by a whipped in ball from Nasri or Giggs on at least five occasions. A scary thought when you put it into perspective.

Manuel Pamic was one of few players for Sparta causing problems and a powerful shot palmed away by Reina meant a clean sheet was reserved for the second half.

Possession within the first 45minutes for Liverpool was perhaps the biggest compliment, but it was time in the second half to actually do something with it. Some encouraging displays from Maxi Rodriguez meant threatening balls into the area were almost converted but still the Czech's held on with their keeper largely untroubled by Liverpool.

An uneventful draw to say the least and surprisingly the most exciting moment of the game was when a cloud of smoke covered the pitch. Pepe Reina for one or two seconds actually disappeared.

Is still think he should have fooled the fans and cameras and ran off to hide somewhere before the smoke cleared. It would have been more entertaining than the 90minutes that's for sure!

Despite the poor display and drab performance it's important we focus on the positives, we're off to Anfield on a 0-0 draw and that's a perfect set up to continue our expedition in the Europa League so fair play to the King in his first European match in charge.