Stamford Bridge Is Falling Down...

*cough* Chelsea's famous (donated) atmosphere on display...

With debt repayments... Haha.

On a more serious matter, despite Chelsea releasing stats on record losses of roughly £70million i believe, it didn't stop old Roman and Co splashing the cash to lure away our number 9 did it. Fair enough, he didn't seem to need much luring but £50million quid to spend all of a sudden?

If that's not a sign of "oh my god we're not gonna win the league this year, I'll be bored of not winning things and i still haven't won the Champions League, please, we need help!" then i don't know what is.

In all honesty and this is pushing my clear biased view aside, i don't think this move for Fernando is going to be the dream one he and Chelsea have been drooling over. Of course, i have been proved wrong, far too many times, all I'm saying is, i don't want any Chelsea fans running to me when he hasn't scored in ten games and his hamstrings playing up.

Defender David Luiz, also part of the January spending spree for Chelsea will be available for Sunday's fixture against the Reds. A solid player with a proven track record but in terms of threat to Liverpool, he doesn't pose that much.

With Dalglish's new ace of spades Luis Suarez once again available i think it's a mystery for Chelsea to attempt to unravel. The number 7 scored against Stoke (admittedly some luck was involved) but after having chance to actually train with the team this week, surely this will only increase the now sky high level of confidence for the Uruguayan.

Carroll, Liverpool's second buy of the transfer window is of course still unavailable, recovering from a thigh problem. Also out is Jay Spearing with a small fracture in his foot. Joe Cole and Christian Poulsen are both doubts.

Positive news in the camp though is the newly fit Jamie Carragher, there is a good chance he will start tomorrow and although i reckon he and Nando are probably still on good terms, it doesn't mean Carra won't show him what he's left behind tomorrow. I expect a tasty battle between those two.

Out injured for Chelsea are ex Liverpool man Benayoun, Zhirkov and defender Alex.

Chelsea are unbeaten in their last 3 league games, the same goes for Liverpool but the Reds can also boast three clean sheets.

A tough task, no denying it, for Liverpool's trip to Stamford Bridge but after a whirlwind of a month it just feels like it's possible at the moment. I'd like to think realistically we were capable of a draw but i just have a feeling we're gonna cause an upset tomorrow. Maybe it's because of all the excitement of the transfer window and King Kenny being back or maybe it's an omen.

Either way...

Stamford Bridge will be pumping on Sunday, decibels supplied by the travelling fans of course! Let's get right behind the lads and with Luis Suarez as the waiter, hopefully we can serve up Fernando Torres a nice plate of karma.