Comfortable Win Sees Liverpool Move Into 5th

Maxi! Maxi Rodriguez runs down the wing for me...

The 3-0 victory over Newcastle United at Anfield was completed in sleek, calm and effortless style. The unity Dalglish has brought to the club is highly visible on the pitch and with three separate goalscorers, it's no wonder people are starting to look at Liverpool in a different light.

Carroll started from the bench after all the "will he, won't he?" before kick off and so it was down to the rest of the lads to upset the Magpies. Johnson was called back into defence and Argentinian Maxi Rodriguez was once again chosen to start after a superb display against Birmingham.

It took the Reds just ten minutes to start the scoring and it was none other than Maxi himself. A great cross into the box from Flanagan caused problems immediately for Newcastle's defence, a failed clearance saw the ball splay out to an awaiting Maxi who in great style took it first time and sent the volley into the back of the net.

For Newcastle they were pretty unproductive, Ameobi despite Kevin Nolan being on the pitch was probably their main threat. Joey Barton who has been linked with Liverpool this week was also involved in a lot of the action but failed to show anybody why he's worthy of a transfer here, not to mention most people don't want a moaning, foul mouthed, arrogant, pathetic excuse for a man tainting the Liverpool side. (In case you haven't guessed, I can't stand him.)

Meanwhile Spearing and Lucas were once again showing how it's done in midfield. The partnership between these two is forever getting stronger and although Spearing is getting most of the praise, fans are realising what a stonking great season Lucas Leiva has had for us, an unsung hero to say the least.

It took until the hour mark for another goal in the game and it came courtesy of Liverpool once again. A penalty decision which i think will see views split 50/50 meant Kuyt could step up for the Reds.

A tug on Suarez as he was entering the box saw him make the most of it and the referee decided it was a penalty. If I'm honest i don't think it was a penalty but once again similar to the Lucas case the other week, Suarez is that sort of player, he does what good strikers do, he feels that contact in or outside the box and he's going down.

Kuyt with another good penalty sent Liverpool 2-0 up with roughly half hour to go.

Suarez wasn't out of the action for long when he set out on a run into the box, a risk to play the ball through saw it deflect off the Newcastle defender and out to Kuyt. The Dutchman immediately played the ball back to Suarez who continued his run. An easy finish completed Liverpool's goalscoring and the lads were sailing 3 goals to the good.

Andy Carroll, Jonjo Shelvey and Joe Cole all made appearances for Liverpool towards the end of the game but at the final whistle the score remained 3-0. Newcastle had very little to offer and it was an extremely comfortable victory for the Reds.

A clean sheet is always nice too and the three points sees us jump into 5th. I must say, it is hilarious watching Spurs falter and even for those of you that think the Europa League is a pile of shite, it's got to be worth it to see Harry Redknapp's face!