Fulham To Face Before Cup Final

Stewart Downing; Ventriloquist extraordinaire...
Liverpool welcome Fulham to Anfield on Tuesday evening for their last league game before the massive FA Cup final at the weekend. The Reds recorded a confident win over Norwich on Saturday thanks to a glorious Luis Suarez hat-trick and here's hoping that sort of result is repeated.

Fulham have the chance to go level with Liverpool in the league on Tuesday which is a worrying thought considering Liverpool haven't finished 8th or below in the league for 58 years and already find themselves in a sticky situation with the Toffees just above them.

The last time the two sides met Clint Dempsey rubbed salt into the wounds with a late winner. The problem was, really, he shouldn't have been on the pitch after the headbutt on Craig Bellamy, maybe Bellers should have jumped to the floor like Perch did for Newcastle.

Despite some good results against Liverpool over the years Fulham have actually never won at Anfield. Considering Liverpool have been poor of late at home, this is a nice stat to hear but knowing us, we'll go and mess it up now.

With Pogrebny(I just ate a bowl of alphabet spaghetti and spat it out)ak back fit I have no doubt the Liverpool defence will have their hands full dealing with him and obviously the aforementioned Clint Dempsey is always one to watch.

For me, this has draw written all over it and assuming Dalglish plays a weakened side with the FA Cup Final in mind then this is probably the sort of result we'll get.

It's bad really because we've still got a point to prove in the league, although it feels like we've given up and in all honesty I can't be arsed at the moment (though sublime Suarez hat tricks do help) we still need to make sure we finish 7th, because I just can't take the stick from the Evertonians.

Enjoy the match folks!