Liverpool Part Ways With King Kenny

You will always be a legend...
Liverpool Football Club have today announced that Kenny Dalglish will no longer be the manager at Anfield next season. The Liverpool legend won the Carling Cup and sent the Reds to an FA Cup final but it was his league position that appeared to create the problem.

The statement from the club says that Dalglish's contract was terminated.

I must admit and you'll know from reading my blog, I was well and truly on the fence about the future of Dalglish. I couldn't and still can't quite decide whether replacing him is the right way to go.

If Dalglish did stay it was clear that several new and successful signings would be required. Dalglish's signings and current team players when he arrived need to have a look at themselves over this summer because some of those lads were as much if not more to blame for the 8th place finish in the league.

For me, it was clear something at Liverpool needed to change. Whether the change of deciding to get rid of Kenny Dalglish is the right one, who knows but what is more worrying is who will replace him? I'm sure the rumour mill will be churning immediately.

It's a tough pill to swallow for Dalglish but legend or not I think any manager in charge of Liverpool this season under the circumstances would have struggled to keep their job.

This won't take anything away from Dalglish's legendary status at the club and I hope he is offered a position upstairs because the club is a better place with him around, he may not be the manager for Liverpool but he is the heart and soul of the club.

Next season, whoever is in charge, one things for sure, we need to lower our expectations because if we don't adjust them to the level of quality we have at the moment then the next manager will be sacked within 12 months n'all!

I wish Kenny all the best for the future and thank him for a wonderful return! Watching the Carling Cup final in Liverpool and seeing you and the lads win the cup is one of my favourite memories as a Liverpool fan so far. It's a shame things had to end in such an abrupt way but here's hoping the future for Liverpool is a positive one.