New Reds Boss - Rodgers

Get that notepad ready...
According to the BBC and the likes of @GuilemBalague Liverpool have just appointed Brendan Rodgers as their new manager after he agreed to sign a three year contract.

It's been a long list of candidates but has been clear in the last couple of days that it was between Wigan's Roberto Martinez and Swansea's Brendan Rodgers. For most Liverpool fans the idea of looking down the Premier League table instead of perhaps abroad was a hard one to grasp but most if not all Liverpool fans were willing to get fully behind whoever was appointed.

An article from the telegraph discussing with Rodgers his "total football" ideologies and his belief that you can't win games without the ball/high focus and passing and movement has been doing the rounds on Twitter and this proves what Rodgers likes to do with his teams and certainly will aim to do with Liverpool.

For those that follow me on Twitter you'll know that I'll always voice my honest opinions and most importantly I'm always more than happy to be proven wrong because it's no secret that I know sod all anyway.

If you haven't read my views I personally wasn't excited by the idea of Rodgers as manager, as mentioned, I'm happy with Rodgers' plans and ideologies, who wouldn't like a man that drives his team to play like Barcelona? But I'm afraid I need convincing.

The most important thing for me that Rodgers must get right just as Kenny would have had to get bang on too, is the signings. It's all fair and well saying you aim to get the side passing the ball and keeping possession but we all know it would take a miracle to make the side we have at the moment achieve that and so importantly Rodgers must build his side correctly so his plans can begin to come to fruition.

Despite the fact he wasn't my first choice, credit to him and FSG who have taken a very brave decision. Rodgers knows full well the consequences should this all go to pot so fair play.

He's clearly a clued up man when it comes to football and it will be exciting to see what he can do with a side like ours and I sincerely hope he proves me wrong.

I've said it for weeks, whoever the manager is we all need to get behind him 100% because if we don't, we're doomed from the start and I'd be a fool not to follow my own advice. Rodgers, I'm right behind ya!

Welcome To Anfield.

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