Joe Allen: Welcome To Anfield

He looks pretty chuffed...
Liverpool have completed the signing of Joe Allen making it the shock of the century after he was spotted watching the lads versus Gomel, I hope whoever planned that one doesn't have to organise a surprise birthday party...

But nevertheless he's here and we're happy. At 22 he's a youthful signing from Brendan and of course the manager knows him extremely well from his time spent working with him at Swansea. So much for not going after their players ay? I'm sure a Christmas card to the chairman will sort everything out if they don't feel it's in their best interest.

Allen was clearly keen to link back up with his former boss but there seemed to be a bit of a tussle over the price. In the end Liverpool are believed to have paid in the region of £15million. Slightly more than I would have liked us to have paid if I'm honest but definitely not extortionate.

The midfielder is renowned for being a great passer of the ball, in a side that Brendan wants to make sure retain possession he will be invaluable. After reading several blogs on the player too (I haven't seen as much of Joe up close as I would like) it appears he not only enjoys keeping possession but if it's lost, he's the first to try and regain it. I like somebody with tenacity.

Those who chat to me on Twitter will know that my only real question about Joe was where he would fit into our midfield but after watching the Gomel game last night and chatting to a few people online it's quite evident now that he and Lucas will sit in the centre allowing Gerrard to have a lot more freedom.

Looking at it that way it's quite an exciting prospect if Joe can replicate the form he had under Rodgers at Swansea, which I'm sure he will. I'll be the first to admit I have been a bit disappointed and not very excited this transfer window but slowly things seem to be clicking in to place and I'm never a person to dive on a manager or his signings before we have seen anything.

Here's hoping Brendan Rodgers' second signing will have a good first season with the Reds.

Joe Allen on joining Liverpool - "The passion that people here have for football is something I share and I want to be part of that."