Youngsters Off To Young Boys

Morgan has already scored in this season Toronto friendly...
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Liverpool have their first Europa League group game on Thursday evening as they travel to Switzerland to face Young Boys. With Manchester United awaiting the Reds at the weekend manager Brendan Rodgers has decided to shake up his side for this away trip.

Injuries stop some from starting in Switzerland but with the boss taking the likes of Suso, Yesil, Morgan and Coady with him it would have been a hard task for anyone fighting with fitness to start anyway. Ironically Raheem Sterling perhaps the star youngster at the moment has been left at home (thinking of United I'm sure!) along with Gerrard and Suarez.

Young Boys have only lost 1 of their 6 opening fixtures in all competitions so far this season and are currently placed 5th in the league.

Most fans will remember the recent meeting of Young Boys with Tottenham, whilst Spurs battered them at home the Swiss side grabbed a 3-2 win.

Liverpool's league season hasn't been very successful at all and the Reds are still looking for a win but in the Europa League Brendan's boys have comfortably seen themselves through the stages.

As a Liverpool fan I think the interaction between the club and fans when it comes to the upcoming stars is very good, certainly since Rafael Benitez overhauled the academy and because of this instead of wondering who these youngsters are and never having heard their names I find that fans know quite a bit about them and nine times out of ten are very excited to see them.

Thursday nights game will provide a lot of excitement for Reds fans and with fresh meat on the field I actually think it will provide us with a stronger attacking performance. Because of this I'm going to go for a 2-0 Liverpool win.

Enjoy the match folks!