Disallowed Goal Robs Reds Of Derby Win

Absolutely hilarious, well in Suarez!
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I said there'd be controversy and there bloody well was. It was an enthralling game for anybody watching but Liverpool's early dominance faded in the second half after Everton had found two responses to the away side's goals. Add to this a denied Suarez goal in the dying minutes and you have yourself a typical Merseyside derby.

Brendan Rodgers chose to keep Brad Jones between the sticks for this one but Pepe Reina was on the bench. An exciting front three of Suso, Suarez and Sterling gave Moyes enough to think about even before kick off.

The game began with a very high tempo and both teams wanted to be first on the score sheet to set the tone, it wouldn't take long at all before we saw a goal.

Jose Enrique did well to hold possession on the wing and after regaining the ball he put in an inviting cross. Raheem Sterling was encroaching but had fallen over before he even had chance to make contact, luckily Suarez picked up the cross on the far side and from an angle (as always) took his shot, a helpful deflection from Leighton Baines put Liverpool ahead.

What happened next was just hilarious, a golden moment of football on television for years to come.

After all the talk in the press about Luis Suarez, particularly from David Moyes of late, Suarez saw his chance to show everybody what he really thinks. Pointing at Moyes and running to the dugout, the Uruguayan celebrated in front of the bench with the most theatrical swallow dive you'll ever see in your life!

I was almost crying with laughter, for me, that's the best thing Suarez could do, bollocks to all the naysayers, I'll score and I'll batter you with some theatrical banter, I love it.

From the pressure being applied Liverpool were certainly deserving of their lead but it was clear that in a game like this, one goal wasn't going to be enough.

It only took Luis Suarez 5 minutes to further Liverpool's lead and therefore strengthen their hold on the game.

A booking for Osman after a challenge on Raheem Sterling left Liverpool with a free kick in a tempting position. Captain Steven Gerrard was the man for the job and a perfect ball into the box left Suarez with an easy job of heading the ball home past Tim Howard.

At this stage Liverpool looked strong, they were 2 goals up and still looked capable of grabbing some more.

Everton's main threat in the first half was most certainly produced via Mirallas. The Belgian was causing havoc and on several occasions caught the Liverpool defence off guard, praying sometimes on the inexperienced Wisdom and forcing his way through.

Just after the 20 minute mark Everton found their first goal of the game. A sloppy clearance from Brad Jones set up Leon Osman perfectly and with a confident strike he gave his side some hope.

Merseyside derbies are always an exciting affair but Sunday's game was certainly living up to the expectations. It was end to end stuff.

Ten minutes later and the home side had found themselves an equaliser, much to the disappointment of Liverpool who looked as though they should have been in control of the game.

A dubious throw in that perhaps shouldn't have existed for Everton paved the way for Fellaini who received the ball and placed a cross straight past Brad Jones, Naismith had one thing on his mind and made sure he struck home Everton's equaliser.

Shortly after the equaliser Phil Neville thought he'd show us his stance on the whole diving debate by, well... falling over. I'd be very surprised if it's him all over the back pages tomorrow though.

The half time whistle was somewhat a relief for both sides as Rodgers and Moyes looked like they could benefit from a team talk and some time for their boys to compose themselves.

The second half saw two changes for Liverpool and I must admit I was expecting a change but thought that the boss might take of Sterling after he got booked in the first half, he didn't though and it was Shelvey and Coates who entered play replacing Suso and Sahin.

For me this created a totally different second half because Sahin and Suso were supplying a lot of the creativity, at 2-2 as well it didn't feel as though the scoreline would stay that way so I was quite worried that we'd be left short.

Both sides in the second half appeared less urgent, the tempo had slowed drastically and it was a lot less eventful but the game was still perfectly poised with either side capable of finding a winner.

The dying minutes would supply the match with it's last controversial moment and what a moment it was.

A Gerrard free kick was met by Coates who set up Suarez to smash home Liverpool's winner unfortunately for the Reds though the linesman decided extremely late on to raise his flag. Suarez wasn't offside though and Everton knew it (you could see from Distin's reaction). The other suggestion was that Coates had committed a foul but Marriner hadn't blew his whistle and so therefore it wasn't given, the fact is, the linesman bottled it and cost Liverpool the game.

In general a draw was probably the correct result for the game because both teams had fought so hard that almost nothing was left, as always though, Liverpool's Luis Suarez did have something left but the decisions were against him.

Next up for Liverpool is Swansea in the League Cup here's hoping the unbeaten run continues.

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