Reds Almost Steal Win At Chelsea

His name is Luis Suarez! He wears the famous Red!...
Liverpool were the visitors to Stamford Bridge on Sunday afternoon as the Reds looked to continue their good run on Chelsea turf. After a distinct lack of goals for Liverpool though and a recent lull in league form it was looking like a difficult task.

Glen Johnson was brought back into the starting XI on Sunday but Pepe Reina despite travelling was left out after a late fitness test. Raheem Sterling was given a more forward role for this one sitting just off the lead man Luis Suarez.

The first half for Liverpool was a pretty darn dire one in all honesty. The Reds were passing and passing as usual but there were no clear options through the Chelsea defence. It was frustrating to watch. I mentioned on Twitter that it's becoming boring watching the lads pass in triangles but to no avail. Luis Suarez is often left in two mindsets too because he's supposed to be a target man in the box when we're in possession but he spends so much time out of it offering his all to the side and trying to take the ball into the danger area himself that we end up left with no options. 

This isn't of course always a bad thing because nobody is denying Suarez's work ethic and it's most appreciated but if Suarez is on and playing roles over most of the park then he needs a man on with him who can be in the right place at the right time for those crosses or direct balls through.

As per usual, despite Liverpool's possession we conceded before finding the back of the net ourselves. 

John Terry on 20 minutes found himself with a great opportunity after being given way too much space by the Liverpool defence. An incoming corner from Juan Mata was met by the head of Terry and Chelsea were 1-0 up.

With a response needed you would think the Reds may change gear but it was much of the same for the remainder of the first half for Brendan's boys. The only real incident of note left before the whistle again involved John Terry.

A horrible accident as the result of a collision involving Luis Suarez left Terry falling on and twisting his own leg, it was one of those moments that you struggle to watch back and as much as I hate Terry it became clear that something was quite wrong after the scream he let out.

The second half for Liverpool luckily turned into the complete opposite of the first. Enrique and Johnson looked as though they were encouraged to push forward more by Brendan and just before the hour mark Suso was introduced and added some flair to the midfield.

Just after 70 minutes the Reds had got their equaliser. A corner taken by the fresh Suso allowed none other than stalwart Jamie Carragher to dink a flick on, perfectly setting up an awaiting Luis Suarez who headed home with ease for Liverpool.

Some are complaining about the push in the box from Suarez and yes it was clear but the amount of shoving that occurs with defenders from corners? Well you have to weigh it up with that for me.

Suarez was pretty lively all game but in the second half he really set alight. Several chances for the Uruguayan including a one on one with Petr Cech nearly enabled Liverpool to pinch a winner but it was the dying moments of the game that would have Liverpool fans on the edge of their seats.

A last ditch attempt from the impressive man of the match Jose Enrique was struck well but Cech made a strong save and in the end saved his team a point.

At the start of this game we would have bitten Chelsea's hands off for a draw but as it went on it really began to feel like we could win, these sort of games always provide mixed emotions because in the minutes after the whistle you feel a bit hard done by but then you realise that actually, it was a good point.

The game still however highlighted our goalscoring problems, I dread to even think of the day Suarez is out through suspension or injury and so I won't bother talking about it!

Next up for Livepool is Wigan.

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