Suarez, Sterling & Gerrard Steal The Sunderland Show

Suarez celebrates with Sterling...
Liverpool put in a superb performance at Anfield on Wednesday night as they topped off the festive season with a 3-0 win over Sunderland. Brendan was back on the sidelines after his illness whilst the likes of Suarez and Co were making the opposition feel sick as they took hold of the game.

In a game where Liverpool produced 27 shots and 16 on target, the pace and pressure was high immediately. It was a refreshing change to the sometimes unproductive passing regime that has taken hold of the Reds lately.

The first goal of the game came just before 20 minutes and it fell to our starlet Raheem Sterling to get Liverpool off the mark. Strength from Steven Gerrard firstly allowed him to get the ball to Suarez who then also showed his armour and with real awareness put a ball over to Raheem. Sterling knew exactly what he planned to do with this chance and he cheekily lobbed keeper Mignolet leaving Sunderland stunned.

It was a cracking goal and just proves the potential there is in Raheem Sterling, I for one am so pleased he signed that new contract, he's a talent we couldn't afford to lose.

7 minutes later and once again Luis Suarez was showing the sceptics that he doesn't always live up to his "diving" stereotype and often shows power and determination. After almost getting taken out on the right side of the box Suarez held his nerve and continued his run into the area, from an angle that most people wouldn't favour he somehow managed to fire in a shot and send Liverpool 2 in front. He was set up by Steven Gerrard.

Steven Gerrard in this game was just fantastic, he really put on show how he can take hold of a game for his side and help force them to victory. When he feels more free and when the lads are linking well with him he just goes mental, some of the passes on show from him yesterday, only he is capable of, what a captain.

In the second half Sunderland brought on Campbell to replace Sessegnon, Sunderland had a few flashes during the game but it was remarkable how strongly Liverpool were bossing the show.

Just after the 50 minute mark and Steven Gerrard was linking up with Luis Suarez yet again. A pin point pass straight into the box left Suarez with the chance to finish off the game and he did just that, 3-0 for Liverpool and even before the hour mark it was game over.

It was one of those games for Liverpool that made it look as though we'd finally found some sort of rhythm and purpose to our play. Too many games we've wasted chances or passed and passed the ball around to no avail, I'm not sure what changed last night but it was ten times better and with Suarez on the form he is I for one am very much looking forward to our next few tough away clashes especially the one at Old Trafford.

Next up for Liverpool though is their FA Cup tie at Mansfield.