Gerrard Strike Gains Reds A Point

Av summa that!...
Liverpool lined up to face Champions Manchester City on Sunday evening looking to go one better than their draw at the Emirates. Despite another great performance from the Reds though the away side had enough left in their closet to pick up a point and the game ended 2-2 again for Brendan's boys.

The line up consisted of Jamie Carragher once again in defence, his experience and leadership obviously still standing him in good stead and up front for Liverpool was the new SAS. I'm overly impressed with these pair.

The game started positively for Liverpool who began very much in the same way as they did against Arsenal. This match meant a lot to both sides but perhaps you could argue City needed the 3 points more as they look to chase Manchester United. They needed the points and most people pre-match would have predicted Mancini's side to win but Liverpool weren't going to go down without a fight.

It was unfortunate that the Reds conceded the first goal because we were actually having the better of the chances but the effort was too simple to miss for forward Edin Dzeko. Assisted by James Milner a tap in was enough to put the home side ahead.

Just 6 minutes later though and Liverpool had smashed themselves straight back into the game. Sturridge was once again hovering around annoying defenders but also breaking in to the box and playing in his team mates,  when finding himself in a bit of space after receiving a Gerrard pass Sturridge grabbed the opportunity with both hands and with a lovely strike put Liverpool level.

Shortly after the goal Jordan Henderson picked up a booking and usually, especially if you haven't watched the match, you would consider this a bad thing but strangely I don't think it was, his booking just emphasised how hard he was working, he was bound to get caught at one point but Henderson's work ethic on Sunday was truly fantastic. Again though I really, really wish he would learn to stop hesitating, he was left with an opportunity at one stage to set up Suarez and you could see Henderson considering to lift the ball over to him but instead he stopped and played it to bloody Downing, in time however I'm sure he will become even more confident.

Half time was reached with no more goals but it was clear both sides still had something left in the tank. It wasn't as fast paced as the Arsenal game I don't feel but there was still goals in this.

Again, Liverpool started confidently in the second half, chances were being created but none converted, it would take until just after 70 minutes for something to come good for the Reds and how good was it?!

Vintage Steven Gerrard this was. Hanging around outside the box in that sort of Olympiakos Champions League/ FA Cup West Ham sort of space, thankfully the captain was spotted by Jose Enrique and with a perfectly timed effort Gerrard smashed home Liverpool's second, sending it flying past Joe Hart who knew himself he had no chance.

It was superb! Just what I felt we deserved at this stage of the game and how long has it been since we've seen a Gerrard goal like that? Just classic.

Now in the lead the lads must have been conscious about what happened at Arsenal, they knew City were capable of finding another goal but to concede it in the way we did was a bit annoying.

5 minutes after Gerrard's goal, Aguero was on the wing in possession. Pepe Reina made the decision to come out, now the thing is, Reina does this mad crazy "I'm gonna run at the bloke even though there's no danger and he's miles away" thing quite often, and 9 times out of 10, despite me panicking like a nut job everything is fine, this time however, it wasn't and Reina has to take the blame.

That being said, there's only a few players who would have converted the shot from the position Aguero was in and so credit has to be given there, Manchester City had found their equaliser and neither side was capable of finding a winner.

Liverpool had to settle for just the one point and I do mean settle because their performance warranted a higher tally. With 12 shots on target to City's 5 perhaps the Reds should have taken their chances whilst they had control.

Next up for Liverpool is West Brom at Anfield!