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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

2013/2014 Fixtures Are Released

Well folks if you're like me you always spend the majority of the summer after the season has finished counting down the days until the fixture list is released. Some people are desperate to decipher how difficult a start we will get, others are dying to see when we face Everton or Manchester United, some saddos even check the clash closest to their birthday... Not that I do that... Ahem. Either way it's worth waiting for and today Liverpool have learnt their Premier League order.

Starting with Stoke at Home Liverpool I would say have received quite a nice first fixture, with Mark Hughes getting used to his position who knows what could happen. Next in August for Liverpool is another nice fixture travelling to Birmingham to face Aston Villa. The Reds will then begin their league cup run and end August by facing Manchester United at Anfield. I personally think this is a great start for Liverpool, some nice fixtures and a massive clash with United, I love watching the United games and although it will obviously be difficult (maybe not as difficult now Fergie has gone) I still relish the chance to face them early on.

Liverpool are also pretty lucky because after the United game they don't really face a massive side until November when they meet Arsene Wenger's Arsenal at the Emirates. They also face Everton in that month.

The Christmas period is a pretty exciting one for Liverpool and could go a long way in determining the Reds fate in the league. The Reds face Spurs, City and Chelsea all away and almost on the trot in December. January sees the second clash with local rivals Everton, this time at home and in March we play United again at Old Trafford.

Liverpool's end to the season is also quite satisfactory with an away tie at Crystal Palace and then Newcastle United at home.

I must admit I'm pretty happy with this years layout, I usually find something to complain about relating to the start and end of the season but we've been gifted a nice one here. The massive run of fixtures in Decemeber although slightly scary I also feel will provide us with a great attitude, the lads and manager will know that if they crumble in this period it could put an end to the season (if we are in a good position) however they also know if we do well it could become a catalyst. Either way I am actually quite excited now to get the season underway, with Liverpool also being surprisingly active in the transfer window I sincerely hope this is a season where Brendan Rodgers can really push his side forward and find some consistency.

Below is the fixture list in full (INFORMATION TAKEN FROM WWW.LIVERPOOLFC.COM)


17 Stoke - H
24 Aston Villa - A
31 Manchester United - H


14 Swansea - A
21 Southampton - H
28 Sunderland - A


5 Crystal Palace - H
19 Newcastle United - A
26 West Brom - H


2 Arsenal - A
9 Fulham - H
23 Everton - A
30 Hull - A


3 Norwich - H
7 West Ham - H
14 Tottenham Hotspur - A
21 Cardiff - H
26 Manchester City - A
28 Chelsea - A


1 Hull - H
11 Stoke - A
18 Aston Villa - H
28 Everton - H


1 West Brom - A
8 Arsenal - H
12 Fulham - A
22 Swansea - H


1 Southampton - A
8 Sunderland - H
15 Manchester United - A
22 Cardiff - A
29 Tottenham Hotspur - H


5 West Ham - A
12 Manchester City - H
19 Norwich - A
26 Chelsea - H


2 Crystal Palace - A
11 Newcastle United - H

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