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Liverpool FC Fixtures 2015/2016

It always amazes me how quickly the release of the fixture list comes around. I still haven't quite got over that embarrassing defeat to Stoke yet here we are presented with another chance to get humiliated as we travel to the Britannia on the opening day of the season.

It's quite a tough start for the Reds who will also have to face Arsenal and Manchester United alongside Stoke in their initial three away ties. October brings the first Merseyside Derby to be held at Goodison Park whilst January brings back to back home games for the return fixtures against Arsenal and Manchester United.

Overall I feel the fixture list is relatively kind, especially towards the end of the season where Liverpool will more than likely need all the hope they can get. I can't say I'm filled with optimism going in to the start of this season but I would much rather get the big teams out the way, even if this means racking up some losses.

The big ties will force our lads to play and there&#…

Fixtures Released 2014/2015

So in the midst of World Cup fever we finally get a glimmer of our beloved Liverpool FC again as the fixtures for next season were announced today. A tricky start some may say with Southampton at home first followed by Manchester City and Tottenham away respectively to complete the month of August.

The first Merseyside derby is on 27th September and our first clash with Chelsea is on the 8th November. Our first meeting with Manchester United isn't until December 13th at Old Trafford. Arsenal then come to Anfield during that month on the 20th.

As for the end of the season Liverpool have a trip to Stoke to contend with, not the easiest of final days if it came down to a close finish again like this season! To see the fixture list in full please see below. (All information provided by


16 Southampton (H)
23 Manchester City (A)
30 Tottenham Hotspur (A)


13 Aston Villa (H)
20 West Ham (A)
27 Everton (H)


4 West Brom (H)
18 QPR (A)
25 Hull (H)


2013/2014 Fixtures Are Released

Well folks if you're like me you always spend the majority of the summer after the season has finished counting down the days until the fixture list is released. Some people are desperate to decipher how difficult a start we will get, others are dying to see when we face Everton or Manchester United, some saddos even check the clash closest to their birthday... Not that I do that... Ahem. Either way it's worth waiting for and today Liverpool have learnt their Premier League order.

Starting with Stoke at Home Liverpool I would say have received quite a nice first fixture, with Mark Hughes getting used to his position who knows what could happen. Next in August for Liverpool is another nice fixture travelling to Birmingham to face Aston Villa. The Reds will then begin their league cup run and end August by facing Manchester United at Anfield. I personally think this is a great start for Liverpool, some nice fixtures and a massive clash with United, I love watching the United ga…

Liverpool Fixtures 2012/2013

The fixtures were released today much to the excitement of many a Liverpool fan ready and eager to find out who exactly Brendan Rodgers would face in his first game as Liverpool manager. As it turns out it will be away to Steve Clarke's West Brom.

The first three home games have got many talking as the Reds will have to face Manchester City, Arsenal and then Manchester United on the bounce at Anfield. There's no hiding from the fact that this is a difficult start but to be the best you have to beat the best and plus, if you look at it with a neutral head, if Brendan's boys win these games or get some good results we'll be laughing but even if they don't they have the large portion of the season to focus on before these fixtures swing round again. I say bring it on!

One thing most people like to do is look at the fixtures closest to their birthday and for me it's Newcastle at Anfield the day before.

Brendan will have to wait until the 24th November to face his …

Fixtures 2011/2012

Were you there this morning frantically logging on to the website to check which ground we were going to win the league at in May? Haha! Maybe a bit ahead of myself there!

Liverpool open the season away at Sunderland which is a decent first fixture i feel. Arsenal is our next match and Bolton makes up the opening month of August.
October and February are exciting months for Liverpool fans, the derby at Goodison on the 1st of October is swiftly followed by Manchester United at Anfield on the 15th! In February we face United on the 11th and then Everton straight after on the 25th.
For once i feel we've been given a very pleasing final fixture with an away trip to Swansea, ok final home game would have been better but i don't think we can complain. Chelsea at Anfield is our other fixture in May.
From a selfish point of view i was looking also at when we face me fellas team Wolverhampton Wanderers. We've got them at Anfield on the 24th September, gutted because he'll be at wor…


Liverpool released the fixture list for the 2010/2011 season yesterday and the Reds will be opening the campaign at home to Arsene Wenger's Gunners. With Man City straight afterwards at the City Of Manchester Stadium and then a massive game away to Manchester United just two matches later it is certain to be a tough start for whoever is appointed as the new manager of our football club.
We have to wait until October 16th for our first Merseyside derby, the first leg will be at Goodison Park and the match at Anfield is some 3months later.
Our first meeting with the current Premier League holders Chelsea is on the 6th of November, one i am most looking forward to from a selfish point of view as it is just two days after my 21st birthday.
We do not meet the likes of Tottenham and Villa until late November, the trip down to London is followed directly by a match at Anfield against Midlander's Aston Villa.
My free ticket to see the boys courtesy of work means i will be freezing my ass …