Fixtures 2011/2012

Were you there this morning frantically logging on to the website to check which ground we were going to win the league at in May? Haha! Maybe a bit ahead of myself there!

Liverpool open the season away at Sunderland which is a decent first fixture i feel. Arsenal is our next match and Bolton makes up the opening month of August.

October and February are exciting months for Liverpool fans, the derby at Goodison on the 1st of October is swiftly followed by Manchester United at Anfield on the 15th! In February we face United on the 11th and then Everton straight after on the 25th.

For once i feel we've been given a very pleasing final fixture with an away trip to Swansea, ok final home game would have been better but i don't think we can complain. Chelsea at Anfield is our other fixture in May.

From a selfish point of view i was looking also at when we face me fellas team Wolverhampton Wanderers. We've got them at Anfield on the 24th September, gutted because he'll be at work so he can't watch it with me if they they put it on the box. Then we face them on my Dad's birthday 31st January at Molineux and if my boss still keeps me on (I hope he does! lol) I'll get my free seat!

I also always look at the fixture closest to my birthday and this year it's Swansea at Anfield on November 5th. Due to a lack of cash and my part time job clashing with fixtures as you all know i hardly ever get to see the lads (hoping to use uni fees next year though! haha) so I'm gonna try to get myself a ticket for that one i think with birthday funds, that's the rough plan anyway.

What fixtures stood out for you? The full list is below.


13 - Sunderland (h)
20 - Arsenal (a)
27 - Bolton Wanderers (h)


10 - Stoke City (a)
17 - Tottenham Hotspur (a)
24 - Wolverhampton Wanderers (h)


1 - Everton (a)
15 - Manchester United (h)
22 - Norwich City (h)
29 - West Bromwich Albion (a)


5 - Swansea City (h)
19 - Chelsea (a)
26 - Manchester City (h)


3 - Fulham (a)
10 - Queens Park Rangers (h)
17 - Aston Villa (a)
20 - Wigan Athletic (a)
26 - Blackburn Rovers (h)
31 - Newcastle United (h)


2 - Manchester City (a)
14 - Stoke City (h)
21 - Bolton Wanderers (a)
31 - Wolverhampton Wanderers (a)


4 - Tottenham Hotspur (h)
11 - Manchester United (a)
25 - Everton (h)


3 - Arsenal (h)
10 - Sunderland (a)
17 - Queens Park Rangers (a)
24 - Wigan Athletic (h)
31 - Newcastle United (a)


7 - Aston Villa (h)
9 - Blackburn Rovers (a)
14 - Fulham (h)
21 - West Bromwich Albion (h)
28 - Norwich City (a)


5 - Chelsea (h)
13 - Swansea City (a)

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