Liverpool Fixtures 2012/2013

The fixtures were released today much to the excitement of many a Liverpool fan ready and eager to find out who exactly Brendan Rodgers would face in his first game as Liverpool manager. As it turns out it will be away to Steve Clarke's West Brom.

The first three home games have got many talking as the Reds will have to face Manchester City, Arsenal and then Manchester United on the bounce at Anfield. There's no hiding from the fact that this is a difficult start but to be the best you have to beat the best and plus, if you look at it with a neutral head, if Brendan's boys win these games or get some good results we'll be laughing but even if they don't they have the large portion of the season to focus on before these fixtures swing round again. I say bring it on!

One thing most people like to do is look at the fixtures closest to their birthday and for me it's Newcastle at Anfield the day before.

Brendan will have to wait until the 24th November to face his old Swansea side.

Christmas and New Year see the Reds face Fulham on the 22nd December at Anfield then they travel to Stoke on Boxing Day and will face QPR at Loftus Road on the 29th December. New Year's Day will see us battle Sunderland at home.

As for the end of season and May as a whole, well it's a relatively kind finish for Liverpool. Everton at home on the 4th is followed by Fulham away on the 12th and then to end the season we have QPR at Anfield.

At this moment in time and remaining realistic you would think that these last few fixtures won't mean the world to us but who knows?

What are your stand out fixtures for this season? The full list is below (Source:

18 West Brom [Away]
25 Manchester City [Home]
1 Arsenal [Home]
15 Sunderland [Away]
22 Manchester United [Home]
29 Norwich City [Away] 
6 Stoke City [Home]
20 Reading [Home]
27 Everton [Away]
3 Newcastle United [Home]
10 Chelsea [Away]
17 Wigan Athletic [Home]
24 Swansea City [Away]
27 Tottenham [Away]
1 Southampton [Home]
8 West Ham [Away]
15 Aston Villa [Home]
22 Fulham [Home]
26 Stoke City [Away]
29 QPR [Away]
1 Sunderland [Home]
12 Manchester United [Away]
19 Norwich City [Home]
29 Arsenal [Away]
2 Manchester City [Away]
9 West Brom [Home]
23 Swansea City [Home]
2 Wigan Athletic [Away]
9 Tottenham [Home]
16 Southampton [Away]
30 Aston Villa [Away]
6 West Ham [Home]
13 Reading [Away]
20 Chelsea [Home]
27 Newcastle United [Away]
4 Everton [Home]
12 Fulham [Away]
19 QPR [Home]
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