REVIEW: Bass Buds Official LFC Headphones/Bluetooth Speaker

As you will know as regular visitors to the blog, it's extremely rare that I partake in any sort of promotions or advertising however after spotting "Bass Buds" on Jose Enrique's instagram and being contacted by the folks over at @BassBudsFC I thought it was about time that I accepted a little perk.

The official Liverpool FC Bass Buds headphones are priced at £49.95 on the website and the official Liverpool FC Bass Boomz bluetooth speaker is also priced at £49.95. When purchasing together you can save yourself a tenner.

Both items are packaged extremely smartly, I'm a sucker for presentation and they certainly would make a nice gift. Whilst we're on the note of packaging the package itself arrived within two days so they're sound on posting.

I opened the "Bass Boomz" first to test it out. I recently got a bluetooth speaker as a freebie from Phones4U (maybe they would still be in business if they didn't shower you with freebies in order to get you to sign a contract?) and whilst it's a pretty decent little speaker I was annoyed to find there was no "line in" option to plug in your iPod etc.

The "Bass Boomz" speaker has a line in function which is brilliant because now I'm not restricted to just playing songs off my phone. For a little speaker I was very impressed with the sound. You get a lot of volume from the speaker yet the sound still remains clear. Sometimes with little speakers the sound is distorted but it's crisp through this one.

Next I opened the headphones. Again presented very nicely, they come with a little velvet branded pouch with the LFC badge on the front so you can keep them safe. The in-ear headphones also come with spare head covers as they will need replacing at some stage.

It's such a simple idea that I'm surprised nobody has really promoted it before to be honest. The Liver Bird image is printed onto the outside of the headphones so everybody can see that you support the mighty Reds. I'm already a person who wears LFC badges, scarves, gloves etc just to ensure that people are abundantly clear about the team I support. This might be because I live in Wolverhampton though haha! However if you, like me enjoy wearing The Liver Bird then these headphones are pretty cool.

For the price point the sound quality is pretty good however in my opinion the sound from the Bass Boomz speaker is better. For me though these headphones are more of a fashion statement anyway. There is also a microphone on the headphones which is handy and the control button located behind another Liver Bird emblem makes it really easy to pause/play and flick between songs.

I'm always honest and voice my opinions on this blog and whether it's a review I'm writing or a match report, that will always remain the same. I honestly think one of these items or even both would make a really lovely Christmas present, particularly for a younger person. Out of the two items I'm more impressed with the speaker than the headphones, if you are looking for a very high quality headphone sound then these may not be the ones for you however as mentioned before, for their price tag they are of good quality and have the added bonus of LFC branding that you don't get elsewhere.

The bluetooth speaker is superb, top quality sound and aptly some great bass! The fact that it's rechargeable and has the line in option was perfect for me and I can definitely see myself using it a lot. It's tiny but packs a punch.

If you have any more questions about the products feel free to tweet me - @LFCKirstyLFC I'm more than happy to help.

One thing is for sure I'll be wearing the headphones on my commute from now on instead of my crappy iPhone ones!

Thanks again to @BassBudsFC for the items and the chance to provide a review.

NB: As you may be aware Bass Buds have recently been in the news after a group of pranksters with their branding on disrupted play at White Hart Lane. I'm not aware of the full facts of this incident and to be honest it wouldn't of had any bearing on whether I was going to purchase these items or not and has therefore had no bearing on my review. I just thought it was right to acknowledge the incident at the end of this post. Bass Buds have denied any involvement in the stunt.