Reds Comfortably Beat Burnley


Liverpool picked up yet another precious three points on Wednesday evening as they continue to pursue a place in the top four. It was Jordan Henderson who netted first again for the Reds after scoring against Manchester City, followed by a Daniel Sturridge effort.

The game started well for Liverpool who flustered Burnley immediately with constant pressure in attack. Burnley were not to be taken lightly as opposition of course as they'd caused trouble for the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea already this season. Brendan Rodgers though had instructed his team to keep up the high tempo and it was just too much for the Clarets.

With the ball, Liverpool were dangerous and without it they were relentless in attempting to gain that possession back. Burnley had no time on the ball and this showed as only the odd flash of trouble arose for Simon Mignolet.

The Reds found their first goal of the game just before the 30 minute mark. For a man who doesn't score very often, Jordan Henderson is on a roll! An attack initially created by Coutinho saw the ball splay out to Jordan Henderson, a powerful strike from 20 yards put the Reds into the lead.

It's fantastic to see Henderson scoring because he deserves it, he gives his all every game and will often have a pop at goal but it just never seems to turn in his favour, luckily it did last night.

The game itself wasn't that exciting to be honest which is a weird feeling when you win 2-0. As the second half got underway the team talk didn't appear to have spurned Burnley on and it was much of the same from Liverpool.

At 50 minutes the Reds had found the back of the net again. This time it was goal scorer Jordan Henderson providing an assist. Some lovely movement from Daniel Sturridge who had been a bit off in the first half allowed him to steer clear of the Burnley defence and head home Liverpool's second goal of the night.

I much prefer a striker on the pitch and this goal proved why. Daniel Sturridge or whoever it is up front allows an option for the wingers and midfielders, Sterling as a false nine simply does not know where he should be.

And so that was that, the Red managed to keep Burnley's real threats such as Danny Ings at bay and the away side could therefore only catch glimmers of hope.

It is another brilliant win for Liverpool who now have an FA Cup tie at the weekend to look forward to.

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