Reds Lose More Ground In Desperate Race For Fourth

Liverpool failed to find the back of the net at the KC Stadium on Tuesday evening as Brendan Rodgers' side were defeated 1-0. Steve Bruce was elated with his side's performance as the Tigers aim to steer clear of relegation.

I can't see myself going into much detail with this report to be honest as I fear it will simply involve me moaning and going on a right old rant. What I will say is that is was another disappointing performance from Liverpool.

The Reds once again had their fair portion of possession but didn't do anything with it. I won't hide from the fact that my main man Balotelli had a pretty poor game but I ask you to name me a player who had a good one? I just seriously get frustrated because the likes of Balotelli and Lambert are much better in a front two, it's pretty pointless to me to play them alone. With Daniel Sturridge injured I don't understand why Rodgers is so stubborn.

What also annoys me (I said I wasn't going to rant didn't I?... Soz) is that our wingers our too predictable and often selfish in my opinion. Raheem Sterling and Philippe Coutinho are quality players but I wish they'd cross the ball sometimes!

The game did provide chances for Liverpool who had to watch failed attempts from Balotelli, Coutinho, Henderson and others. Ultimately though the Reds faltered when trying to find that final product and this hasn't been a recent issue, for me we've struggled to be clinical the whole season.

Hull found their first and final goal of the game at 36 minutes. Mario Balotelli ended up playing Dawson onside from a cross and the ex Tottenham man headed home for Hull. Even I will admit here that Balo needs to hold his hands up for that daft mistake however you can jog on blaming him for the whole shite game.

Hull fully deserved the win in particular I was very impressed with the likes of Elmohamady and Aluko. The latter of which was clattered all over the shop because we couldn't deal with his skill or pace, he at least on three occasions deserved a blatant free kick but the ref just shunned it.

Next up for Liverpool is QPR. It's disheartening to think that if we'd of beaten West Brom and beaten Hull yesterday we could be two points behind United.

I'm sorry for the MASSIVE downer but I just can't be arsed at the moment. I will however be arsed enough to write a QPR preview so please come back like...