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Liverpool FC Fixtures 2015/2016

It always amazes me how quickly the release of the fixture list comes around. I still haven't quite got over that embarrassing defeat to Stoke yet here we are presented with another chance to get humiliated as we travel to the Britannia on the opening day of the season.

It's quite a tough start for the Reds who will also have to face Arsenal and Manchester United alongside Stoke in their initial three away ties. October brings the first Merseyside Derby to be held at Goodison Park whilst January brings back to back home games for the return fixtures against Arsenal and Manchester United.

Overall I feel the fixture list is relatively kind, especially towards the end of the season where Liverpool will more than likely need all the hope they can get. I can't say I'm filled with optimism going in to the start of this season but I would much rather get the big teams out the way, even if this means racking up some losses.

The big ties will force our lads to play and there&#…