Reds Top The Group After Snore Draw

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Well, that was a drab affair to say the least. The Reds may have gone through to the round of 32, topping their group in the process but they couldn't get the better of FC Sion on Thursday night after failing to find the back of the net.

It was a stereotypical group game from the Europa League and perhaps highlights why some fans get so frustrated with the competition but the positive is, the Reds are through and were also unbeaten in the group. The 0-0 draw doesn't boost confidence levels for the Reds who did utilise some key players such as Jordan Henderson and Philippe Coutinho.

FC Sion were relatively ineffective during the game but obviously remained cautious as they sought to progress with Liverpool to the next stage of the competition. Some wild shots at goal from the home side perhaps highlighted by an effort from Mujangi Bia late in the second half meant Simon Mignolet had very little to deal with.

Liverpool perhaps put in a slightly better performance attack wise but nothing really of a serious nature. Long range shots in the first half from Can, Origi and Firmino set the tone for the night as the Reds failed to create many inventive attacks.

The main highlight was the link up between youngster Brad Smith and Divock Origi, on two occasions at least Smith whipped a fantastic cross into Origi but the Belgian failed to find the end product. It really was a dire game to watch resulting in very little to talk about for a match report! Haha.

Jurgen Klopp didn't appear too worried post match and I suppose he's right to remain calm, of course Liverpool should be beating sides like Sion but the fact is we've topped the group without having to strain ourselves and we can enter the next stages fresh and ready for what will hopefully be a more ambitious opponent.

Next up for Liverpool is West Brom at the weekend. If you haven't already seen it, please take a look at my Q&A with Albion Till We Die.