Three Points From Bournemouth

It was another victory for Liverpool in the league on Sunday as the Reds continue on a great run of form just as it seems like they need it the most. Jurgen Klopp fielded a rather experimental starting XI with several youngsters getting a chance and squad players like Kolo Toure also featured.

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Daniel Sturridge is back

I mentioned a few weeks back on the blog that it was wonderful to see Daniel Sturridge back but that his sharpness hadn't quite returned, well it had on Sunday against Eddie Howe's side. Sturridge had a cracking game, his movement and speed were just on point and anyone considering getting rid of this man in the summer transfer window needs a talking to in my opinion. 

He's clearly willing to fight for his place as can be seen with the tussle to start over Origi at the moment but more importantly when he's on form there are few strikers better and more consistent than him in the league. The big question of course though is the injuries? Can he stay fit and is Jurgen Klopp willing to gamble on that factor?

Time will tell.

Youngsters look lively

With such a young team on display it could have been very easy for some of the less experienced players to get lost on Sunday afternoon. The manager however clearly has faith in his players and they did not disappoint. 

In particular Ojo who failed to make an impression at my fella's club Wolverhampton Wanderers on loan certainly has been impressing me of late. He's nowhere near the finished product but his desire and ability to get past a defence is just superb. His skill was on display once again against Bouremouth and with more first team appearances I think he will only improve.

Jordon Ibe also played an importantl role, I've missed seeing him in the side of late and it was a wonderful free kick to set up Daniel Sturridge for the goal. Finally I think our young keeper Ward deserves a shout, he made some cracking saves as the pressure built from Bournemouth during the final portion of the game, it was just unfortunate that he couldn't prevent King's goal.                                                                      

Hand ball?

There were three hand ball calls in the game and it brings up that age old problem of "intent". I've never fully understood how a referee is supposed to fully interpret something as subjective as intent. In the pace of all the action it's rare they get these things right and it's no surprise.

To be honest though, looking back at all three incidents I only feel Bournemouth had a case for the Toure one. To me, that seemed intentional, the other two did not and I feel they would have been very lucky to have the decision go their way. 

Bonus: Mamadou Sakho takes hands free to the next level...

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