Five Things We Learned From Spurs Away

1) James Milner

Despite a dodgy moment which some would argue helped create Spurs' equaliser I felt James Milner deserved a highlight for today's round up. James is one of those players that sort of just gets on with it, he doesn't really like the limelight, always puts his team before himself and it was fantastic to see him score the penalty yesterday.

James Milner scores a penalty against Tottenham Hotspur
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His defensive performances of late have proven how adaptable he is, following up Moreno isn't exactly a difficult task but he has demonstrated that he is more than reliable at the back. Some players would raise concern with being moved out of position but Milner has just knuckled down and we all know how much Klopp loves a hard worker.

2) Premier League Badges

Whilst watching the game on Saturday I had a bit of an OCD moment whilst looking at the new Premier League patches and it appears our kitman or whoever irons them on may well be in for a rollicking off the Premier League brand managers because they've been stuck on bent...

I don't really like the new patches to be honest but there was just something strange about Liverpool's on Saturday. Our patches appear to have been lined up by the text when really it's the lion's head that should be lined up. See Spurs' for comparison...

Sadio Mane v Tottenham Hotspur
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That's my eagle eyed moment of the month anyway.

3) "You let your country down!"

Is this the most Southern thing to ever happen?

During the match yesterday when Jordan Henderson stepped up for a corner, a loud jibe from the Spurs end could be heard "You let your country down!" came the shout from the clearly disgruntled fan...

Firstly, who the hell cares enough about the national team to be shouting that at a corner? Secondly, Henderson hardly played unlike half your Spurs side. Thirdly, who shouts that? Just call him a twat like a normal person would.


4) Daniel Sturridge

His face said it all from the sidelines when Divock Origi was due to enter play and for me, I have to say he has a point. Daniel Sturridge may be injury prone and he may have had a quiet game against Burnley but he's a proven goalscorer and he should be featuring regularly.

I totally understand Klopp's decision to start with Mane, Firmino and Coutinho on Saturday as this formation tends to work well away from home but in the second half when you hit the hour mark for me I find myself constantly wondering why we don't just try two up top. Chuck Sturridge on with Mane? Or something to that effect. Danny had what, three minutes yesterday to try and put a stamp on the game? Pointless.

I have nothing against Origi either, really like him too I just think Sturridge could have made an impact against Spurs given some more game time but hey ho.

5) Is a draw a bad result?

Finally, I learned yesterday that some fans are extremely hard to please. While I can appreciate the frustration of not finding the net more often, for me a draw at White Hart Lane is a good result. If you'd have told me the game would end 1-1 before kick off I would have taken that.

Obviously it was a bit frustrating because for the majority of the game it felt as though Liverpool had the upper hand and some great chances but it just wasn't to be. Playing three away games on the trot will have it's pressures and collecting four points from Arsenal and Spurs away is pretty good in my book.