Five Things We Learned From The Spurs League Cup Win

1. The youngsters have got talent

When the starting XI was first revealed on Tuesday night I can't have been the only fan questioning why Klopp didn't go with a slightly stronger team? I'm all for supporting the youth and giving them a chance but perhaps wrongly my faith in them was nowhere to be seen at kick off against Tottenham.

As the match progressed however my doubts were completely stemmed. The likes of Trent A-A, Ejaria and Stewart put in a great performance, particularly Stewart and Ejaria. The latter of whom appeared to be getting flattened left, right and centre meaning he must have been causing grief for the opposition.

2. Migs proved his worth?

It's a controversial one but for me, based on the last few games I am close to wanting to see Migs back in goal. My only issue is I worry how big an impact dropping Karius would have on the goalkeeper himself.

Mignolet proved last night for me that he's got conviction. His decisions to come for the ball and deal with the situation were on the whole good solid calls and at the moment Karius for me just isn't commanding enough in that sense. I thought Mignolet played very well but I doubt he'll start against Palace.

3. The curious case of Lucas Leiva

Ah, Lucas, what a servant to Liverpool FC, yes with age he's faltered but for me he's still an absolute diamond. Some of the last ditch tackles he was putting in last night reminded me of Jamie Carragher. He definitely prevented a few dangerous situations turning into goals.

The flip side is of course that alongside his determination and desire he sometimes makes silly mistakes. I personally do not feel it was a penalty but after a few air kicks from Lucas you can sort of see why the ref made the call. He just doesn't help himself sometimes does he? Overall though I thought he played very well. I hope he reaches his testimonial at the club.

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4. Daniel Sturridge on fire

You can say all you like about Daniel Sturridge but on his day he is a brilliant striker. For me too, it is no coincidence that Danny was on form whilst being utilised alongside Divock Origi. I'm sick to the back teeth of saying play him in a two but I fully realise that isn't Klopp's style.

It's frustrating though because used properly I honestly feel there is still a role for Daniel Sturridge with Divock by his side. For instance in games such as he United one or tight fixtures like the one with Swansea, when the likes of Coutinho, Firmino and Lallana aren't working (Plan A) we should chuck on Sturridge and Origi (Plan B). Both of them know exactly where the other is, they spark off each other perfectly and it gives the opposition a brand new problem to deal with.

Tuesday night's game showed the confidence oozing back from Sturridge. He was extremely unlucky not to get a hat trick and the two goals he did score were classic efforts from a striker. Just like Mignolet though, I very much doubt he will feature against Palace.

5. Vorm is a quality keeper

Why is it that goalkeepers seem to have an absolute stormer whenever they play Liverpool?! Vorm was like a man possessed for Tottenham making some superb fingertip saves to deny Liverpool solidly on at least three occasions. The Divock Origi strike being saved and Sturridge's effort being tipped over the bar stand out in particular. Superb performance from the opposition keeper I'm just glad it didn't result in us failing to progress.