Five Things We Learned From The West Brom Win

1. Team goals

Liverpool's first goal against West Brom on Saturday evening was absolutely brilliant. The team effort to break for that goal, the pace of the interlocking passes followed by the simply sublime cross from Roberto Firmino to set up Sadio Mane's strong finish was just superb.

The Reds have displayed some strong team efforts during their start to the Premier League season but this particular goal highlighted a real positive that has been created under Jurgen Klopp. It's been years since I've felt like a goal could come from any player on the pitch but at the moment each break makes it look like anybody's name could be on the scoresheet.

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2. Defence still struggling aerially

Despite the brilliant result as always there were a few negatives for Liverpool, none more so than that age old problem of set pieces and corners. West Brom's goal should have been dealt with both defensively and for me, Karius should have done better.

On the whole, it looks like the partnership of Lovren and Matip is a good one but aerially they are both struggling just like all of our recent centre back partnerships. The last time I can remember a solid aerial pairing was way back when we had Carragher and Hyypia in the side. If a ball was whipped in they would clear it with a header, everytime, without fail. I just don't have that confidence in our defenders at the moment and I'm not willing to just brush this under the carpet. It needs work because at some stage it will come back and bite us.

3. No room for Sturridge?

Klopp went with his favoured starting XI on Saturday evening meaning there was no place for Daniel Sturridge. As time goes on it is clear that Sturridge doesn't necessarily fit into the German's plans and I worry that there is no longer a place for the striker.

I love Sturridge and on his day, in the correct formation he can still be up there with the best in my opinion. The problem is, I don't see a stage now where Klopp is going to be willing to change his formation drastically enough to fit Daniel in. It will be interesting to see where we go from here, I'm waiting to see whether he's selected in the cup game against Spurs in the week.

4. Firmino factor

Firmino had an absolutely fantastic game against the Baggies and for me he's a player at present that we cannot do without. He's stronger when his compatriot Philippe Coutinho is on the field with him but even solo efforts highlight the level of skill he obtains and the level of fear he can strike into an opposition defence.

Valuable as a goalscorer he is also cementing his place as a key producer of assists. The ball for our first goal was drool worthy.

5. What's with the dancing?

And finally, what's with the dancing? Haha! Top marks for Coutinho and Firmino on the timing, Mane seemed to have a bit of the delayed reaction but yeah, I'm yet to be convinced by their dancefloor efforts...


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