Six One: Five Things We Learned

1) Goals are coming from all over the place

I expected us to beat Watford on Sunday and I expected us to concede but I never expected us to walk away with a 6-1 victory. It was a ridiculous performance from the Reds and what is most refreshing to see is the fact that the goals aren't just coming from one player.

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In the days of Suarez/Sturridge/Gerrard/Torres etc Liverpool only really had a couple of names at any one time as a source of regular goals. When one was injured or suspended we struggled. This season it doesn't look as though that is going to be an issue with Mane, Coutinho and Firmino taking regular goalscoring spots and people like Can and Wijnaldum popping up, we're looking extremely strong on the attack.

2) Karius looking stronger

Despite conceding it was clear to see the extra training regimes Karius has been put through have had an effect. He made three fantastic saves in a short period of time during the second half against Watford and his decision making also looked slightly better. Hopefully he can continue going upwards from here.

3) Lucas - God loves a trier

I love Lucas, it's hard not to, but even I was a tiny bit sceptical when I saw he'd been selected in defence instead of the likely Klavan. Lucas though to be fair has adapted well on the odd occasion when he's been called into a defensive role and Sunday was no different. The Brazilian looked confident and determined in the back four and he almost topped off his day with a goal too!

4) Those early fixtures were massive

I've probably mentioned this before on the blog (pretty sure I have) but those early fixtures away to the big boys at the start of the season have proved to be absolutely pivotal.

Many fans were concerned about facing those sides so early on but I took the opinion that we had to play them at some point, why not straight away? The Chelsea game now sticks out in particular to me because playing Chelsea so early meant Conte was still adjusting, the Italian now appears to have got his side up to speed and I feel they would be a stronger opposition if say we had to play them next week.

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Top of the league thanks to a 6-1 win and with only Manchester City and Manchester United from the big sides to face away from home? I am well and truly in delirium mode now. Poetry in motion tra la la la la!!!

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