I Scored Last Week In Training...

Get in. Thank god we got past Plymouth, as a Liverpool fan from Wolverhampton I would have never heard the last of it. I was so desperate for us to win last night it was ridiculous, who'd of thought you could get as nervous for Plymouth away in an FA Cup replay as you did for the Champions League final? Haha. 

Anyway, we did win... just about. 

Image via telegraph.co.uk
Klopp fielded a strong side that included Coutinho, Sturridge AND Origi. I certainly wasn't expecting to see that much experience in the XI but none of them ended up being the catalyst. 

That responsibility fell to none other than Lucas Leiva. I've always loved Lucas, he's had his moments throughout the years but I've always stood by him and just when I needed him most he pops up with a cracking header. The look on his face after he scored Liverpool's only goal of the game was priceless. The passion he has for the club visible in his eyes. What put the icing on the cake though was his post match interview... when asked "You haven't scored in seven years have you?" Lucas casually replied... "I scored last week in training." 

Plymouth made it extremely hard for the Reds and on several occasions it looked like an equaliser was going to send the game to extra time. The key opportunity for me was when Jake Jervis hit the post. What a chance that was. Despite Plymouth's best efforts, the Greens just couldn't break through. 

Liverpool had a huge chance in the second half when a penalty was awarded by Graham Scott. It was a poor spot kick with no power or clear destination from Origi and the Reds were forced to grind it out for a few more minutes.

Thankfully, Liverpool held on. Watching with my Wolves supporting fella on his birthday the final whistle led to joint celebration at the fact our teams would be facing each other in the cup. 

Now I'm just hoping that the Wolves contingency of friends and family can get tickets in the away end so I can then take up the kind offer of a spare that I've been presented with by an awesome follower on Twitter. 

If I don't manage to go to the game I'll be sat in a Liverpool shirt in the middle of Wolverhampton in a pub full of Wolves fans anyway... so either way it's gonna be a good un!