Reds Have To Settle For Draw

Frustration. Mega frustration. That's not something I thought I would be feeling come 90 minutes at Old Trafford this weekend. In all honesty, prior to kick off I was expecting us to lose. What I didn't expect was us to fight tooth and nail to create a lead and hold on to it only for United to score an offside goal.

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They didn't deserve that equaliser. They'll have you believe they did but if that's what they want to believe then fair enough. If Jose Mourinho is so overcome with desperation to try and beat Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool that he has to resort to his apparently hated "19th century football" via route one to Fellaini and on top of that settle for a blatantly offside goal then fair enough. You can keep looking up at us from 6th eh?

Klopp set up the Reds perfectly on Sunday and even with Alexander-Arnold drafted in to the defence, United never seriously looked like they would break through until the second half. This was mainly down to Simon Mignolet who seemed utterly determined to prevent United from scoring, he pulled off some world class saves in quick succession and for me has once again proved why Karius was rightly dropped. 

James Milner's cool penalty in the first half is what set aside the two teams for so long. Paul Pogba in hilarious fashion as he struggled to mark his man flapped at the cross with his hands. Penalty all day.

Shortly afterwards you could see his idiotic decision was getting to him when he ragged down Henderson by the throat. No card though like. In fact, I'm not one usually to focus on the ref but there were some shocking decisions on Sunday. The Pogba incident with Hendo, Rooney studding Milner in the shin, the offside. Nothing. Not anything given. Yet Dejan Lovren makes two brilliant tackles early on, the latter of which he slides for but wins the ball... booked immediately. It's a joke man. 

Granted, when United did find the back of the net (did I mention it was offside?) they had clearly upped the pressure. Route one is something Liverpool struggle to deal with and it's hilarious to watch the apparently great Manchester United forced into resorting to that tactic at home. The pressure was higher, no doubt about it, but Liverpool were dealing with it and without a stroke of luck for United I think we'd have walked away victorious. 

A strange match all round really but as I say, to feel so bloody frustrated with a draw at Old Trafford shows just how far we've come. With Swansea up next and City to face Spurs then our game with Chelsea... Who knows where we'll be on the evening of January 31st? Things have just got extremely exciting for Kopites all over.