Four Things We Learned From Burnley

1) Good to grind out a result

Liverpool's 2-1 win over Burnley on Sunday afternoon may not have been the most emphatic of victories but it was a win that proved the Reds do have the ability to grind out a result.

Going 1-0 down after seven minutes seemed far too familiar for Jurgen Klopp's side. Liverpool have seriously struggled against teams like Burnley all season, the Reds need a team to play openly to stand any real chance of a win but on Sunday they somehow managed to break through the barrier. 

A lovely goal from Gini Wijnaldum brought the game level and a cracking strike from Emre Can soon followed, much to the dismay of several Kopites who had been slating the German for the whole match on Twitter.

In all seriousness though, if Liverpool can collect three points when they aren't at their best then that is most definitely a sign of improvement.

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2) Gary Neville can't make his mind up

Gary Neville has always done my head in but he did so especially on Sunday. To be fair to Neville he is actually half decent at punditry and commentary but he falls into the same trap that a lot of commentators do when they're watching a game and there's nothing much to talk about.

It's almost like they feel as though they have to say something so they keep focus on one player. On Sunday, that player was Klavan. Constantly Neville was complaining about his positioning, complaining that he should be getting into the spaces that Can was and not letting Can "do his job for him"? What made it worse is that from what I could tell Klavan didn't really put a foot wrong, he made some key clearences and was first to every header.

Then towards the end of the match all of a sudden Klavan was the best thing since sliced bread. I mean, I know players can change people's opinions of them relatively quickly but that's usually done over a period of matches not a period of minutes.

It can't be just me that noticed this? Tweet me if you did - @LFCKirstyLFC

3) Can's goal

What a beautiful strike by Emre Can. The amount of times he tries from that distance and he's usually miles off, I was actually begging at the time that he didn't take a shot but thank god he did.

His goal though was somewhat trumped by his slick knee slide celebration afterwards. #Smug

4) Wijnaldum not recognised enough?

Gini is one of those players who can go completely unnoticed but is still grafting away and making a difference to the side. In matches where he doesn't find the back of the net I think sometimes he's just not given the credit he deserves and I include myself in that. I'm forever questioning whether his performances are up to scratch but when he does find the back of the net it puts it all into focus.

Wijnaldum brings more to our midfield than I think we realise and if he can keep composure and score goals in key games like this he will keep going up in people's estimations.

Here's hoping he can put in another good 90 minutes against City! I'm in Turin for that game, really hoping I can find a decent pub with the match on!