Five Things We Learned From The Merseyside Derby

1.The Reds still have it

The 3-1 win over Everton on Saturday afternoon showed that the Reds haven't lost it. When push comes to shove Liverpool have one of the most exciting attacks in the Premier League and while there have been some lacklustre performances of late against smaller sides, this victory highlighted all the positives.

Image via Peter Powell/EPA (The Guardian)
As a Derby it had everything you would expect: goals, crunching tackles and heated moments from players, managers and fans. A cracking performance from Jurgen Klopp's side has put them safely in the mix for the top four. 

2.Anybody seen Lukaku?

Genuinely, did he even do anything? For a top goalscorer who believes he deserves a better deal than Goodison Park he's going to have to prove he can perform against top opposition to convince everyone. 

He went completely missing on Saturday, utterly silenced by a combination of Dejan Lovren, Joel Matip and the tenacious Lucas Leiva. 

3.Great goals 

The three goals from Mane, Coutinho and Origi were all fantastic. An almost solo effort from Sadio started by his own movement and ending with a strike through the legs of a blue shirted player gave Liverpool the lead. Perhaps an element of poor positioning from the keeper but I still feel it was a good goal. 

Coutinho's was just the typical go to Philippe goal. His pace and skill flummoxed the Everton defence creating enough space for him to swoop his shot into the back of the net. Classic Couts. 

Finally there was Divock. Only introduced due to an injury to Sadio Mane, the Belgian didn't waste any time stamping his mark on the game and on yet another Merseyside Derby. It was a wonderful strike to cement Liverpool's three points. 

4.Lucas proving his worth 

I've said it numerous times on this blog but I bloody love Lucas. He may have his faults and he may not be quite the player he once was but Saturday's game once again proved he is a reliable old stalwart that is fully capable of having a huge impact on what is essentially one of the biggest games of the season for the Reds. 

Lucas has no trouble dealing with players like Lukaku and the heated nature of a Derby along with its crunching tackles and mind games plays right into the hands of the Brazilian. If there's anyone who knows how to wind the opposition up and play right on the wire when it comes to putting in a challenge, it's him. 

5..Who the hell is Jan Kluitenberg?

Finally, who's is joker then ay? Absolutely horrified by Klopp having a chat with the fourth official he took it upon himself to jump up in the dugout and gesture to Jurgen Klopp to calm down. 

Clearly worried Ronald Koeman can't fight his own battles he simply had to step in. What a div. Klopp wasn't arsed.