Five Things We Learned At London Stadium

1) Playing two strikers can actually work

I've been saying for months now, Liverpool should not be afraid to field two strikers. For me, the whole season we have faced sides such as West Ham and failed to break them down with our Plan A. I love Jurgen Klopp but I think most of us would agree that he can be a bit stubborn at times. On far too may occasions this season Klopp has decided for whatever reason to field the same tactics and an extremely similar team against sides who are determined to make things difficult for us.

Image via Liverpool Echo
Teams like West Ham all season have been more than happy to sit back and allow Liverpool to keep possession, fail to score due to a lack of ideas and a lack of directness and then simply hit us on the break.

In my opinion, having a true striker like Daniel Sturridge on, even better in a front two gives us a much greater chance of breaking down this kind of opposition. Yes it took a significant proportion of the game to take effect on Sunday but it is not a coincidence that game ended 4-0 with both strikers on the score sheet and a brace from Philippe Coutinho.

Playing two strikers not only offers the side more options in the box it also creates a totally different issue for the opposition defence, while West Ham's centre backs are busy with eyes on Sturridge and Origi it gives players like Coutinho the freedom and space they need to really punish.

It's a bit late in the day now but I can't help but feel that if we'd of at least tried this set up, even for half an hour during some of the games we've struggled in, things could be so different right now.

2) Sprinkle of luck

It's not often Liverpool get a bit of luck, it certainly doesn't feel like we have this season but the Reds had two dashes of it on Sunday. First of all when Ayew missed an absolute sitter, he literally just had to tap it into an open net from about a metre out but some how failed to find goal.

Secondly, Liverpool could have found themselves facing up to a penalty after a potential hand ball in the box from Wijnaldum. Gini himself looked guilty as hell as he turned to the referee to check the decision, thankfully for us the whistle did not go.

3) Daniel Sturridge is back

Sturridge has come under a lot of stick recently from some sections of the Liverpool fan base and I personally have never been able to understand this. Yes he is very injury prone but on his day Daniel Sturridge is still one of the best strikers in the league.

Off the pitch he is a lovely guy and it's clear he just wants to strive to do his best for our football club. I was so happy to see him actually start on Sunday and if I wasn't so skint this month, I would have had money on him to find the net haha. His goal set up by a killer pass from Coutinho was brilliant. The striker timed his run perfectly to remain onside and was calm as ever as he took the ball around the keeper and finished.

I'm not sure what the future holds for Sturridge but it seems like he wants to fight for his place and I for one would still love to have him at Anfield.

4) Coutinho at his best

It was no surprise Coutinho was handed man of the match after a brilliant assist and two goals of his own. As mentioned previously, Coutinho is at his best when he has that bit of freedom to work his magic. Playing strikers today in my opinion is what allowed Coutinho to shine and he did not disappoint with two great goals.

5) The Reds can grind it out

Finally, Liverpool showed that they can grind it out when they need to if they really work at it. It hasn't happened on many occasions this season but the Reds proved at the London Stadium that they can stick it out. For the majority of the first half the Reds looked completely out of it but lifted by the Daniel Sturridge goal late in the first half and boosted by regrouping, it was clear they meant business in the second 45.

A ruthless start to the second half of the match left West Ham pretty much dumbfounded and with a second goal under their belt at 57 minutes the Reds went from strength to strength.


I don't know about you but I was really nervous for this match and I have now screamed myself hoarse yelling at four goals, in particular at Sturridge's opener. All Liverpool have to do now is beat Boro at Anfield, surely to god we can do that?! One more game.