Five Talking Points From Hoffenheim Away

1) Trent double A

What a goal from the youngster and what a superb way to open your score card, by netting your first goal for the club in a Champions League qualifier with a beautiful free kick that also happens to make you the youngest Liverpool goalscorer the competition has seen (both as the European Cup and as the Champions League).

Image via This Is Anfield

I don't think words can justify this, I'm just going to leave the video here, pride of place, available whenever I need it here on the blog:

2) The whole Moreno as a defender thing...

I try my best not to constantly get on at players but I'm really finding it hard just lately in the case of Moreno. There was a time when I used to see a spark of hope for him in defence (minimal to say the least) but there's one thing I've never denied and that is his clear talent and threat in a more forward role. He's a winger. We all know it, Jurgen knows it, even Moreno knows it. So why on earth we continue with this pipe dream that he will suddenly learn how to defend properly is beyond me.

He leaves us so exposed and with an already faltering defence, the gaps he often leaves only makes things ten times worse. I genuinely would prefer Milner there, even though he's not a defender either, he's just better at pretending to be one.

3) Peno could have changed the game

After just 11 minutes Hoffenheim were awarded a penalty after a challenge from Lovren in the box. Thankfully Simon Mignolet managed to save the effort (to be honest it was a pretty poor spot kick) but can you imagine if that had gone in?

Tails would have dropped, the Reds I feel would have struggled to find momentum and Hoffenheim would have used it as a catalyst. The Germans had their moments throughout the game and I reckon with an early goal under their belts anything could have happened. Thank god it didn't.

4) Hoffenheim still a threat

Going into a second leg at Anfield one goal up, knowing that victory secures your place in the Champions League should be more than enough for Liverpool to seal the deal next week but the slim margin offers hope for Hoffenheim.

We have seen first hand the kind of threat they can pose, Mark Uth's finish after he was found by a long ball was stunning and given enough opportunities at Anfield they simply will punish. Liverpool need to be on guard.

5) Nagelsmann suggests something about Liverpool's performance...

Finally if you didn't catch it, the young Hoffenheim boss suggested Liverpool were below par:

“We had the ball in many important spaces. He (Klopp) has to say that and defend his team. He can’t say, ‘Hoffenheim played great and we were shit." - Julian Nagelsmann