Hoffenheim Result, Champions League Draw And The League Cup

So firstly, at 4:15am this morning, or some ungodly hour close to that, Liverpool drew Leicester away in the League Cup. Whilst we should care, none of us really do at the moment because we're all still hyped about the Hoffenheim win. 

The Reds' 4-2 (Agg 6-3) victory over the German side means they have secured their place in Pot 3 of the Champions League draw which will take place by the time I have uploaded this post to blogger (don't worry I'll add commentary at the end). 

Image via The Telegraph

As for last night though? What a game! Liverpool looked at their fluid attacking best with solid performances from the likes of Can, Firmino and Mane. 

The only problem for me, without trying to go on a negative here, is that it's no surprise we played so well at home in the second leg where Hoffenheim simply had to play openly. 

The Reds play perfectly in these sorts of situations, when teams aren't afraid to attack and leave space or when they simply have to go all guns blazing to have any chance to stay in Europe. For me, Liverpool will win those sort of games nine times out of ten this season (which is exactly why I think we'll beat Arsenal). Throw a Burnley in the mix though or a Watford etc and all of a sudden we look lost. 

We have failed to solve this issue in the transfer window entirely though I do feel somebody like Solanke working with Sturridge in games against sides more likely to park the bus could potentially work. I just feel as though we need a Plan B and at the minute we don't seem to have one. 

Last night though, Plan B wasn't required. An early goal just ten minutes in from Can set Liverpool's pace and two more goals from himself and Salah followed within the next ten minutes. Firmino scored the final Liverpool goal just after the hour mark and he deserves a special mention after having such an influence on the pitch. 

Hoffenheim did find the back of the net twice, helped by a brave early substitution from the manager, but the Germans never seriously looked like turning this tie around. 

So, we're in the pot, Pot 3. Pot 2 looks more frightening than Pot 1 and as always there are a few teams you think "yeah I'd take that" then you realise it's about a 12 hour round trip. 

People keep saying we should be worried about the Barcas and the Reals, PSGs and Juves but ask yourself... which one of those lot wants to draw us out of Pot 3? None of them. It works both ways, we're in the hat now and as I've always said many times before, Liverpool are a different beast in Europe. Whoever we draw, game on. 

Above written 7:40am

Below written 6:20pm

Group E

Spartak Moscow

Unbelievable draw! It's about bloody time Liverpool had a bit of luck in the group stages, the amount of times we've had to watch other English teams get a relatively straight forward run in, it's nice to finally get a decent look in ourselves!

Sevilla for me are the only real issue in this group, as the Reds found out in the Europa League, the Spanish side are a tough one to crack. While Spartak Moscow offers an interesting trip away, realistically they shouldn't pose a major threat to Liverpool and no offence to Maribor but if we can't secure victory there then what's the point?

Considering some of the groups we could have been dumped in, I can't get over that draw, there was one point when it looked like we could end up with Barca and Juve or Bayern Munich and PSG or Real and Dortmund madness!

I've always loved Francesco Totti...

Roll on kick off ay?! #BackInEurope