Five Things We Learned From The Sevilla Draw

1 Same old defence

Liverpool just can't seem to get out of this defensive rut, I don't even know what the answer is other than perhaps a complete rethink of tactics and training which seems very rash but the Reds need some kind of defensive intervention. 

Dejan Lovren on Wednesday night should have easily prevented Sevilla's first goal but it's not even just him, the whole back four is a strange and disjointed set up at the moment.

It just doesn't seem to click, even things like solid first time clearances are lacking and the amount of times Liverpool get caught on the second ball? Shocking. Must do better.

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2 The attacking line is mesmerising 

While the defence is something we'd all like to forget about the attacking line is something to be proud of. On some of the counter attacks yesterday, watching the likes of Mane, Firmino and Salah stream forward was mesmerising. Any side facing that coming at them is going to have issues but frustratingly, Liverpool didn't punish enough with their dominance on Wednesday. 

3 Bobby Firmino missed the target

Was it a bad miss or was it unlucky? Probably the latter but I can't be doing with a stuttered start for a peno, you're always asking for trouble when you go down that route, just smash it in!

What made it worse for Bobby is that he knew if he found the back of the net from the spot it's a totally different game. 3-1 up and I think even Liverpool would have managed to protect that. Overall though despite the fact we should have battered them, a draw probably isn't that bad although Spartak and Maribor also drew so things could begin to get interesting. 

4 All is well in the land of Coutinho... for now

There's been some mega hatred from Kopites towards the Brazilian and I totally get it but as I said in the match preview, what benefit is that right now? Where's shouting crap from the stands at a star player gonna get us? Where's leaving him to rot in reserves gonna get us? 

As with many people I'm pissed off at the whole situation but we need to get over it and save it until he does actually leave. While you have a player like Coutinho on your books and while he's still willing to play you need to just push all that nonsense aside and get behind him because whatever we think, he's a cracking player and I can guarantee he will get us out of a few holes this season!

5 Berizzo is a silly sod 

What's he doing? Really? Poor old Joe Gomez (even more so after he got sent off) he's just trying to earn a crust and take his throw ins but nooooo Berizzo is clearly so exasperated with the situation he'd much rather throw the ball away... twice. 

It's just daft and he's probably sat there feeling like a right idiot now. As for Jurgen Klopp on the cameras at the end? Hilarious! "But what have I done?... can you tell me what have I done?"