Defensive Frailties

Liverpool lost 4-1 to Spurs at Wembley on Sunday afternoon thanks to a frankly pathetic defensive display. A single goal from Mo Salah fooled us all into thinking there may be a glimmer of hope but the Spurs attack was far too strong and the Liverpool defence far too weak. 

Liverpool defence
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Seriously, it's reached a point where I have actually given up on the back four for a variety of reasons:

Firstly I think Clyne walks straight back into that defence and to be honest adds a whole lot of security. Secondly, some may have changed their minds once again about Moreno but I certainly have not, he's no defender and why buy Robertson if you aren't gonna play him?

Granted Moreno has some sting on the attack but I challenge anybody to suggest that Robertson's crosses are any worse?

Then we have the centre-backs and the goalkeeper. Well, where's the soddin leadership that's what I say? Where's the Carra role screaming yer head off for 90 minutes and making sure everyone isn't straying from position? It doesn't exist. I honestly don't think Matip and Lovren are on the same wavelength and clearly, communication is an issue including the keeper because Matip should not have headed that shot yesterday, leave it for the keeper ffs!

Lovren is an ok defender and that's it, he's never going to be a world beater but he could at least be consistent? Relying on the offside trap to save him for the first goal, pausing his run to glance at the linesman was bad enough but then following that by being halfway up the pitch and missing a key challenge whilst one on one with Harry Kane? Unforgivable. 

It's Kane for god's sake even Klopp noted prior to kick off that he's one of the best strikers going right now, you'd of thought that message would have filtered through to the lads but apparently not. 

It seriously does my head in and I think there's a long way to go before we solve this problem. Chucking somebody like Virgil van Dijk in there would obviously help but don't think for a second it's the answer to all our prayers!

Fair enough Spurs were always going to be especially strong on the attack but Liverpool have experienced the same issues against far weaker teams and it's just not good enough. Something needs to be done to address this in the January window because if no efforts are made the fan base is going to start losing its patience. 

I don't know who made the final decision when it was clear van Dijk was a non-starter but it was suicidal to not find an alternative in that window. On top of that you still find yourself questioning what life may be like with Mamadou Sakho to call upon, I can't say I was his biggest fan but I think I would prefer him alongside Matip at the moment.

Finishing in the top four looks so far off and even if we did purchase well in the window these defensive frailties are so deeply cut into the side at the moment that I don't think the gremlins will go away until we have organised a more rigorous training regime and really drummed home the communication and positioning. It's just shocking.

I'm usually one of those fans trying to cling on to a positive but that result on Sunday put too many of our faults on display. Klopp certainly has a challenge on his hands in the run-up to Christmas.

Next up for the Reds is Huddersfield at Anfield. 


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