Mourinho Bags A Draw At Anfield

Jose Mourinho put on his now standard display of 19th-century football at Anfield on Saturday to shut up shop and take a draw from Liverpool. 

It's infuriating because he's played his tactics perfectly and if he was your manager you'd be praising the way he had decided to manage the game, even if that does mean parking the bus. He's not our manager though and he's also not the manager of soddin Crystal Palace or Bournemouth so, in my book, the fact he brings his United side to Anfield and plays for a 0-0 draw is embarrassing.

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The Reds were all over United on Saturday and bar a shot from Lukaku (who touched the ball about three times), Mourinho's side literally did sack all. It was a pathetic performance from an apparent might of the league but we all know that it's these kinds of frustrating performances that make Mourinho a league winner.

Klopp was extremely unlucky not to see his side find the back of the net, especially when David De Gea somehow managed to get a foot to Joel Matip's effort. On another day that would have been in the back of the net and Liverpool would have been on the ascendancy. 

Liverpool did all that they could in terms of possession and attack, Salah perhaps being one of the highlights on that front but they just could not find the back of the net. This has been happening for several weeks now too so it's not a new issue for the Reds but on Saturday it felt like we would overcome the barrier but it wasn't to be.

Let's not forget that this is the first clean sheet in eight matches for Liverpool and prior to kick off, most would have probably taken the draw. We played far better than I expected and overall I don't think the Reds have anything to be ashamed about on the back of that performance. 

It's onwards and upwards to Maribor next week in the Champions League where the Reds definitely do need to get their hands on all three points.