Reds Throw Away 3-0 Lead

Only Liverpool could let a 3-0 lead slip like that couldn't they? In the grand scheme of things the draw probably won't even matter but it's not the point is it? The Reds are so unbelievably weak at the back and facing a distinct lack of leadership I just don't think we have enough in the attack to carry us through the season. 

Liverpool defence
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The game started phenomenally well with a goal inside just two minutes from Bobby Firmino. Swiftly followed by a beautiful header from Mane, Firmino then found Liverpool's third and final goal of the game at the 30 minute mark. 

Back in the dressing room at half time Klopp must have been over the moon. Comfortably winning and knowing his side were not only top of the group but that they would go through with a game to spare. All we had to do was see out the match. 

There's no denying that Sevilla were always going to come out second half with a bit more gusto but there was no excuse for Liverpool crumbling like they did. 

It may seem like I'm singling players out but I'm just highlighting moments. For me there are huge problems concerning all defensive minded players and nobody is solely to blame. 

Moreno though needs discussing. There was a time way back where I stuck with the idea of Moreno in defence, I remember writing a positive article for Shoot trying to convince people to be patient but that era has long gone. Still it seems there are many members of the fan base desperate for Moreno to make it in defence, that would be lovely but he's just not a soddin defender, he's nowhere near. His decision making is shocking and in games like this the panic sets in. Two very poor decisions from the ex-Sevilla man effectively allowed the home side to find two goals in quick succession. Both were scored by the influential Yedder. 

Despite this, the Reds were still 3-2 up there was no need to rush, calm it down and hold the ball but it's almost as if the lads know themselves that they won't be able to retain the slim lead and hence opt to attack. Seriously, when was the last time you saw Liverpool switch tactics and solidly defend a lead? It's not pretty football but sometimes you need to do it and we simply are not capable. 

Somehow we managed to grind it out until the 93rd minute but it was easy to guess what was coming when Sevilla collected a late corner. Klavan managed to get a head to it but it was a poor attempt at a defensive clearance, heading down back into the box was never going to end well and Sevilla obviously converted turning Liverpool's secure win into a draw. 

It's not the end of the world, of course it's not but it just bloody does my head in! We're never going to get close to sorting this defensive issue if Klopp doesn't make some big decisions and decide on a set back four. Injuries obviously affect this but he's chopped and changed those lads for all manner of reasons and also does anybody know where Andy Robertson is?

On top of all that there are no leaders in this squad, gone are the days when Gerrard and Carra would be screaming at their team mates for 90 minutes, heck even Lucas used to bring some of that to the table. I have nothing against Henderson but he's not a leader for me but then again, I don't really see who is one in this team? 

Those fooled by a couple of clean sheets against the likes of Southampton and Huddersfield were naive in my opinion, there's a long way to go to solve our woes at the back. Here's hoping the January window helps.